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@Karmann: GT works if you go through PS3, but saves are locked to one system, so I lost my complete save

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No gran turismo, my save has over 5000km driven

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dude "The Crew" is the disembodie spirit of the dudes who operated the camera's on my NOBY NOBY BOY REAL LIFE video

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hey everyone i'm Brent the winner and maker of movie #1, check out the bombcast forum for more details and discussion about video, or user video forum

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dude, i bought you a burger and the guy from the mall might try to hunt us down thats why no credits

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no, i just uploaded it under a new youtube adress linked to a proxy e-mail, and i never gave them my name, i doubt they will find this, or if they did there not going to go to much fuss, anyways i just got an email from Ryan Davis, so far i'm the winner and get 3 shirts from this sick site: check out the shirts and get yourself one.

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VINNY! celebrety on my
anyways the security head from the mall talked to my secondary camera guy and 2 buddies with him, we couldn't put footage up on youtube or show staff, stores, or security in, we tried to go into an EB but they wouldn't let us....

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holy crap guys you don't have to go crazy, lol, i play most games on ps3 and pc, i got zelda, pokemon, hotel dusk, chrono trigger, and may be picking up the world ends with you soon, but otherwise i probally won't hit to many other games for a while, not a fan of mario or RTS on consoles or handhelds

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i thought it would be embarassing as hell, but i held for some reason i had no problem holding a straight face and being serious, i want to do a full reshoot in may in downtown rush hour toronto and hit a crowded beech, using tripods to....

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