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@RCola said:
" @John_Martone said:
What's the verdict? How'd it go? "
To anyone that is considering the game I'd tell them to pick it up. The community is very alive and, for the most part, people are willing to go out of their way to teach you the ins and outs. I don't play many  shooters online because I can't stand the way most people act online but from my experiences the MAG community seems to be friendlier (or at least less douchey) than most games out there. If you are looking for a online shooter, MAG is a great choice. "
That's one of the big components for me. Kind of like how Modern Warfare uses a system of mini-goals and achievements to help release player anxiety, I think most people will walk away from most matches positively, even if their xp was low, kill/death was terrible, the side lost, whatever. Its set up in a way where you just don't feel a lot of the "Well, we lost the match, the last 20 minutes have been proven null and void"
I think the community really gets into that. Granted, its only when people have mics, but I'll agree... they just seem friendlier.
These days, I only boot it up when a friend does. Its still just as fun, and I'm about to Vet again, so that's something, but I get where you're coming from. The free DLC packs are nice, but I'm really just aching for another map or 2 for each faction.
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@Ryax said:
" @John_Martone said:

id also like to know. i love the game. its one of my favorite shooters "
I stop playing it for, like, 2-3 weeks, then I pick it up for a week straight, wondering why I ever stopped.
The thing I've come to really love is that it hasn't become as top heavy. I still feel its hyper approachable, even if its been out for a couple months. Usually I have to get FPS' at launch, for fear of what the community skill wall becomes after awhile.
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@RCola said:
" Thanks for the reply John. I broke down and decided to pick it up a few days ago. I just got word that its sitting at my house so now I'm waiting to get off work so I can go home and play. I'll see you online. "
What's the verdict? How'd it go?
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You know, I'd say you should be fine. Actually, despite not being one of my "zomg, want" titles, I've easily put the most time into it out of any game the last three months.
Like, the fact that A) Leveling is fun, B) the game encourages you to transmigrate into other factions once topping out, really helps keep the game from having a stalemate of well developed teams.
I'll admit, its one of those games that's about 900x better to have a friend playing too, but it can be quite exciting. Plus, given the size and scope, I rarely feel responsible for the winning or losing of our team (the game specifically designs itself so that actions must happen in conjunction with each other [ala holding 2 points across the map at the same time.] So you'll be able to say "Hey, I didn't win, but we had a lot of great moments."
I'd totally still recommend picking it up. You'll find a couple of times where you'll get rolled hard, but those situations are, by the large, fairly painless (as long as you have a mic and have other people commiserating the experience.) Just remember the golden rules
A) Your first 4 points from leveling are always devoted to medigun, then the ability to resurrect other players. Not only are you encouraging better team play, you're also making a bank of XP
B) You'll quickly gain enough respec points to respec like, all the time, so feel free to experiment.
C) Only go sniper if you are absolutely amazing... or you're willing to not make XP. You're useful, sure, but you're not going to make the kind of points a level 3 front lines guy will (due to 2x experience objective zones, objective pushing, and healing)
D) When you don't know what better to do, don't hesitate to just whip out the medi-gun and try and heal the dudes who seem to know what they are doing. We're often too focused to realize we're at like, half-health.
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@Synthballs said: 

Lumines is the greatest game on PSP. I've heard of Crush and Prinny. Will have to look them up duder.

I have put so many hours of my life into that game. Its the one game I can always come back to my psp for, and I can't really explain why.
Though, yeah. I can tell you that some of my favorite titles come out on the PSP, but for whatever reason I just can't bring myself to play on it for more than 15 minutes before I get antsy. Like, I love Patchwork Heroes, Patapon 2, Echoshift, Hero for 30 Seconds, M GS: Portable Ops...
I could keep going, but my point in listing is that... all of these games had to be played to completion in 5-15 minute chunks. Though that hasn't changed how much I love my little black finger print magnet.
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@Fbomb: Yeah, I really dig how minimally kill/death is emphasized. Like, it doesn't mean you aren't rewarded for killing a bunch, but I'm not beating myself up over my kamikaze medic runs.
Though, one thing I've seen a few squad leaders is using their way point fraggo to thumb a spot for snipers to be at. That way they still get a piece of the bonus exp pie.
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@yeahno: Great song. Scary resemblance.
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@Rallier said:
" @Emilio said:

" @JJOR64 said:

" I still think it's lame that Capcom is still doing character unlocks.  They really need to stop it.  At least SSFIV wont have them so that's good. "
Something like that will actually keep me playing the game. I didn't like how Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA had everything unlocked. "
I'm in the same boat. It gives me something to look forward too. I'm not that big of a fan how you unlock the character though since it simply is beat the game with X number of characters. I would have preferred if they had unlock conditions that force the player to get better like beat the game in X amount of time in X difficulty and then beat the new character like in the first two Smash Brothers. Finally managing Mew-two was so satisfying. "
I tend not to play most fighting games too long, since I never want to devote the time to be technically good enough to "hang" online. Unlocks are a good way for me to at least streach the muscle in single player, yet get rewarded for it.
(I think I was one of those jerks that just left his system on for Mew-Two)
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Oh man, that blows dude. I hope it works out.

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Props for cool and fun thread.

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