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Thanks for the tip. Worked great. I've been playing the game in Uplay's "Safe Mode" just to get it to work until I came across this thread. :)

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The strapline of this news article is confusing. It makes it sound like the state of Rhode Island is suing itself. :P

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Max Max Revolution

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Great story Patrick. DXHR is currently on my short list of GOTY nominees. I couldn't tell you if it will stay there once Uncharted 3, and Skyrim come out but the fact that it's within ear shot of those games is very telling of how much Eidos Montreal got right.

Can't wait for The Missing Link DLC.

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I have Windows 7 64-bit and haven't had any issues playing the Steam version.

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I think it's good when developers do this.  You don't want to completely cater to gamers to the point that you sacrifice creativity, but if there's a section of your game that is universally hated, why not be able to fix that.?

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I had my paypal account hacked and someone bought a $1,700 laptop with my account.

I understand that these things happen, but I don't think I'd trust them with my CC info again if that were the case.
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This seems to be happening often lately.  I had mine die on me in January. :(

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Of the three that I have (Batman, inFamous, Sly Cooper 1), I'd have to say Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Beating some of those challenge rooms took actual skill while my other two Platinums were more of an endurance thing.