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@meneerdamen: Welcome to the boards.

Yeah the move by joining a lapping car was quite clever but a good move by Grosjean to keep him behind after Vettel went through.

Any news on the pit crew team at Indy 500? Looked very nasty and got the impression one of the mechanics was hurt quite badly, hopefully all turn out to be ok and can be at the next race.

In terms of the Indycar race, it was pretty interesting. A lot of action on track and some good overtaking, also Sato making up 2 laps down to finish mid pack was really good.

Monaco GP was interesting, I am glad Rosberg won as it makes the title fight open again. Sucks for Hamilton to loose the win that way, but his reactions are what make me not like him (parking the car, hitting the third spot banner, etc). Also some good team play at Red Bull with Kvyat letting Ricciardo through then reversed the roles when Ricciardo did not pass Hamilton.

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@jslack: Sorry for the long time to respond. I tried the site again this morning on my ipod and it worked fine. Essentially when I was loading any pages as soon as the site page loaded I would get instantly pushed to the app store for Bet365 or Sky Bet apps from the Apple App store. I assume there was betting adverts on the pages as they did not show any when loading (I do not sign in on my ipod thus having adverts in the first place).

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Just wanted to report this issue. When I visit or (or forums, whichever the link is) the adverts seem to be automatically loading as if I have selected them. Essentially this leads to the page not loading and me getting sent to the app store for bet apps and the like (none of which interest me). I use iOS 6 and this is using Safari on an iPod touch 4th generation (I think its a fourth generation one anyway).

This does not happen on any other sites and has only started happening today.


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I get the impression John Booth (I think that's the person, or maybe Graham Landow, something like that, one of these two people anyway) have said they were not 100% sure they would have a new car ready this season a week or so ago. The talk was for last weekends race (as in the first race of Europe was the target when they got going again), then the talk was during the summer break but it sounds like Hungary/Spa is too soon now as well and given there will be less than 50% of the season left post Europe, it seems unlikely they will make a new car just for a handful of races. I would love to see them get the new car and it be fast and they get sponsors, I really would, but I have serious doubts. If they can not find sponsors soon they will struggle a lot during winter again as they will be in same position of "we have enough money to get through the season but making a new car will be expensive". Also with Hass F1 (is it Hass, I am not sure, the new US F1 team) are entering next season, they will not get automatic 10th place in the constructors and the truck load of cash that comes along with that.

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An interesting race, glad to see Rosberg get a win as I want a proper title challenge from him (I would like him to win it really). Unlucky for Malonaldo as he seemed to be challenging for points again to be hit again. The guy is not getting much luck but hopefully it can be turned around. The McLarens look bad out there though, especially with Alonso's car having big issues.

Also I read either on the BBC or Autosport that Manor will not have their car ready this season and it could be 2016 when their new car comes to fruition. I must admit, it is starting to get bad with them as they have no sponsors still, hardly any camera time (which would affect the lack of sponsors) and also it seems like the other drivers are constantly complaining about them not moving over when being lapped (almost as if they are trying to block to get on camera). I really want them to make a go of this but it seems like coming in this season could have been a bad idea as they are three second behind the next team and are basically racing themselves. It was not bad when Caterham and HRT were in as they had people to race with to get camera time but now they are just nowhere. Does anybody else think they could not make the end of the season/ not be on the grid when the US F1 team enters?

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@professor_t: You have raised some good points (as have everybody else here). I will have a think, I guess if it comes to it and I get a new GPU over a PS4 in the future, then I could get the game again on PC (during a Steam sale or Humble Bundle or what not) or a Game of the Year version with all the expansion packs if they do that.

I will have a think, but thank you all for the input. It is appreciated.

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@baconhound: This is something that I did consider but then I assume I would miss out on the pre-order content of the game (i.e. the soundtrack, book, etc included with the game)?

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So can I expect to achieve 60 frames per a second? I am contemplating getting a new GPU later in the year (I am 50/50 over it or a PS4 basically) but I would like to play the Witcher 3 before that. I am not expecting to reach top ultra settings with the set up but would like to run it well enough for it to A). Run nice in 1920X1080 B). Look better than the Xbox One version.

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Hi all,

Basically I was looking to pre-order The Witcher 3 on Xbox One, but a promotion where it was 2 pre-orders with so much off (basically saving nearly £10 per game) has ended before I got them in (my fault, I thought there was a few days left but turns out I was wrong). Anyway, with that happening, I am tempted to get Witcher 3 on PC. My question is, can my PC run it well (i.e. nice graphics, good frame rate)?

My PC hardware is:

CPU- Intel i7 3770

GPU- NVidia 660GTX 2gigs

RAM- 16 gigs DDR(3)

OS- Windows 8.1

Thank you, I know there are sites that do the System Requirements but I prefer to get feedback from users who have experience in this aspect.


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Looks pretty awesome, I have got the PC version on order. Anybody else picking it up on PC?