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Yes, this is fantastic news. I love F1 and Giantbomb so the two combined could be pretty awesome. Keep up the good work guys!

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Oh and this seems like a good place to get some support, @rorie, it would be nice to see some Polo neck shirts on the store in the future.

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Yeah this is a good point. The value of the shirt should be on the value of the contents rather than the subscription cost as you can, as you say, add at least £16 to the cost (post office holding fee, plus VAT).

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Alan Wake, mainly as I love the series so want more to experience it and get Remedy working on a sequel at some point.

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Lococycle is now 40-50% off (region dependant it seems) on the Xbox One store.


After watching the Quick Look at launch, I may give this a go just to watch the crazy video sequences.

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@gbrading said:

Sounds like a good decision to me. Makes it easier to tell what's what.

Pretty much sums up how I feel also. Hope to see some cool stuff here. I hope Project Zomboid gets a look as that game is kind of cool.

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Hey all,

I was just wandering if anybody else was having issues redeeming points/live subs on Xbox at the moment? I have tried via and on my Xbox to redeem a points card but it just keeps throwing back "Oops an error occurred" message. I tried this around 12 hours ago and did it again to find the same issue is happening. I have redeemed another couple of vouchers recently and they went through fine, I have tried changing a few letters as well just to see if it would throw a different code and it did saying it wasn't a valid code (which is true so it seems to recognise that the code is valid at least but wont register the points).

Same for you?


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Turns out when I reinstalled it, the game worked. Not sure what happened or why it happened. @mars Sorry to hear it did not get resolved for you, I wander why the game does not throw an error message up as it seems like the game is trying to load to menu but gets stuck in a loop perhaps? Odd.

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Hey all,

Today I have tried to play Call of Duty Ghosts for the first time. However, when I load the game up to play, all I get is the face mask (the dude who looks like Ghost from Modern Warfare) flash on screen and then black screen then the mask again in rotation and nothing seems to happen, I have left it for around 10 minutes and nothing occurs. Is the game still installing even though the Xbox is saying it is at 100% or is this a known bug or what is happening? Anybody else have this issue and know a resolution?

Thank you.

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Ah cool, thank you for the feedback. Shame really, but hopefully something they can implement into future versions of games.

Thanks for the help.