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Multiple Orgs are now live - I've applied to join the GB ranks! You should too!

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I am officially putting in my vote for reskinning the damsel as Remo. "Sorry, Chris! KALI DEMANDS BLOOD."

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I enjoyed today's run! Skip to 9:00 for HOT BEE STRATS, or to the end for "John misjudges recoil, with disastrous results."

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I joined this group today, and on my next run reached the City of Gold (and Hell!) on my first try.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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Add away!

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@bishop113: But take a quick look through your comment history: there is no mention of the "great stuff" that you think Patrick does. In one thread, you call him lazy, stupid, etc…and several other posters comment that "there must have been a nicer way to voice your opinions." Look at the comments on this article: most of them on-topic, discussing (with varying degrees of civility) whether they think Fish or Beer (or neither) are in the right. Then there are a couple like yours, upset with Patrick's addition of personal perspective.

There's a difference between comments being all "sunshine and roses," and being a decent human being. That's part of what Patrick was getting at in the article.

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@bishop113: Awesome job proving Patrick's point.

*looks at your post history*

Oh, got it. You don't like one of the personalities on the site. Hey, neither do I. One guy on here just rubs me the wrong way. Even when he's covering stuff I love, I end up watching 3 minutes of it, and turning it off. Then I realize there are hours upon hours of other content on the site, and spend my time on them.

You imply that Patrick's personal perspective on the story is "nonsense," and unnecessary. So why would you click through, once you saw the headline and byline? If you were looking for facts alone, surely there are many other sites with those?

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I'm still unclear on what exactly people are up in arms about. Backers (the people who actually gave money to see the project made) are still getting everything that was promised. More, even, since the scale of the game is completely different than the original idea.

DF's business acumen may be questionable, but it seems like a lot of "DOUBLE FINE IS ASKING FOR MORE MONEY?!" headlines without that actually being the case.

As for backers being upset, I've yet to see a self-identified backer (not an investor, as people keep saying - an investor invests, which has the expectation of return on said investment) upset about the idea that they'll be getting a bigger / larger-scale game for the money they gave.

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In other news…anyone who's trying to dissect whether "they took enough precautions" regarding this, just go to bed. Whether or not similar stuff has happened to you, acting like "well, that'd never happen to ME, cause I take care of my stuff" is incredibly callous.