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It might just be that 2009 has been a pretty dry year as far as video games are concerned (especially following a year like 2008).  Don't force yourself to play games that you're not going to enjoy playing, wait until there is a game that your legitimately excited about.  Maybe you should consider checking out some of the older games that got you into gaming in the first place.  During the past year I've picked up a Genesis, a SNES, and an N64 and I've had a blast playing through some of the games of yesteryear.

Anyways, if you're not having fun playing video games, then don't play them.  They are supposed to be an enjoyable experience and maybe you've just burnt-out on video games right now.
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Never mind about the no pictures thing because they seem to be working now.  It must have been the connection I was on this morning but now that Im on a stable connection the pictures are there.  

But, the "load 25 more" crashing is still happening.  Is this happening to everyone or is it just because I'm using an old iPod touch?
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@Suicrat: Yeah i had a similar thing happen where I had exited a video but then the audio started up again while I was in the menu.
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Okay, I'm using a 32 gig iPod touch (1st gen) running the 3.0 firmware.

Whenever I hit the button to load 25 more videos the app crashes.  Also I'm not able to view any pictures in the written stuff on the site.
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When i click on the "load 25 more" under the video tab it instantly crashes.  Also, I'm not getting any pictures in the written sections.  Is anyone else having these problems?

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This might not be the right place for this, but has anyone been able to "load 25 more" videos without the app crashing or is it just me?

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Okay, never mind.  Everything is working again.  That was weird... 

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Neither the videos or the bombcast will load for some reason, and they worked fine earlier today.  Im using a MacBook with Safari 4.0.1, but I also tried it with a vista laptop (using IE 8) and i get the same problems.  I have power cycled my modem and router and they seem to be working fine.  I have never had a problem watching anything on this site before.

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MGS came out 11 years ago... God, maybe i am just getting old.

Anyways, what I ended up doing was unscrewing the top ball thing-y off of my NES Advantage and slid that across the circle button a bunch of times.  Not only did that not work, but now my PSP is nice and scratched on and around the circle button.  Time to admit defeat...
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I have beaten Metal Gear Solid more times then i can remember on the Playstation, and I had been able to get past the torture sequence without having to do anything weird to push the circle button fast, but I have spent the last couple of hours repeatedly dying at this part when I play it on my PSP.  I think it's because of the ability for the Playstation controller to vibrate during this part that makes it easier.  Also the buttons on the PSP behave a little bit differently (I'm using a PSP-1001), and I think that the face buttons might not be as sensitive as they are on a full sized Playstation controller.  I guess that I could just export my save back over to my PS3 and play it with a real controller, but that would be admitting defeat.

Has anyone been able to get past the torture part using a PSP, and how did you do it?