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Just wanted to leave a post saying that I had a think and realized I've been listening to Ryan Davis pretty much minimum once a week since I was 19 (I'm now 23) and I'm certainly just one among many in that respect. With Bombcasts, quick looks, the odd random video... christ, TANG, Endurance Runs... easily over 100 hours of Davis consumed. Just thank you Ryan Davis and the GiantBomb staff, you are incredibly talented and generous with that talent. I'm neither afraid or ashamed to say that as I read this news I cried some, and I'm tearing up now as I write this because again I know I'm just one among many. I cannot imagine how profound a loss this is for his family, friends and colleagues, you have my deepest condolences.

Just thank you Ryan, an obviously and superbly lovable and talented man and while it's a cliche the world will genuinely be worse with out you in it.

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Hacking is one thing but exploiting glitches? Bugger off, fix your game and stop blaming the players. 

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If you don't pay me for sex you're not serious about pleasure. 

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@ch13696: They'd like that... probably read it out on the podcast.
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@MisfitToy: You make a fair point. So... fk Whisky Media for destroying the bombcast then!!!!! no I'm joking -_- 
.... please don't hurt me :(
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@HypoXenophobia: TalkRadar US and PCN_Gen are almost always over 2 hours, TalkRadar passes 3 every couple of months or so. I see you're point and it's true, most cap out at 1hr 30mins, but 2 hours plus isn't unprecedented. I'm not calling them better either btw, GBC is up there with my favourites including the two mentioned along with Podcast17 and I couldn't pick between them TBH, they all offer something great and different. Also I know how long it takes to edit because I've done it before, I had to edit a few recordings for Uni that were about 20 mins and each took me an hours and a half to get right and I've heard Chris Antista moaning about how long it takes him to edit Tdar, which is many hours weekly.
The bit that bothers me is this all just looks rushed, what they're offering is cool but not for 50 a year, maybe 20, and it like looks like they've thrown in the Bombcast out of desperation, but gone with the half and half to attempt to avoid completely pissing off the listeners. IMO they should have gone with a lower price point, kept all the stuff they're offering except the GBC, at 20 I'd have paid it, at 50 it doesn't look very appealing and what they're doing with the cast is just a no no. I mean an analogy (I know this is partly impossible but bare with me) would be Valve asking for 50 a year for HD trailers that are downloadable (yea I know already got it), mobile steam, medal on avatar, a live developer user conference every friday, Valve t-shirt, no adds where as everybody else gets them, and all free DLC being semi exclusive for a week, the last part is the part that would really piss people off, and rightly so, not so much because they have to wait for a week, but because it's just not Valve like to do that. I know it doesn't completely translate, but my only real reaction to this has been too expensive, and who are you? This just doesn't look like the decision of the GB I thought I knew. Yea I'll just listen to the GBC a week late now, but it just makes me worried, I mean what next, a new Endurance run where all the episodes are exclusive to subscribers for a week? Where will this stop? I know I just look paranoid and whiny right now, but yesterday if you'd told me that GB were guna make the GBC half exclusive for a subscription fee, I'd have told you that was one of the most ridiculous predictions I'd ever heard.
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@Dany: B/S, TalkRadar do it in their spare time so that Future can't take it away from them or soil all over it, and plenty of sites offer free podcasts for DL that are very popular, many are independent. I'm sorry, it's not that I'm really pissed off or anything, I just feel like that excuse doesn't really hold much ground. The Friday night live show thing I can fully understand, a podcast however? Wow, yea must cost an arm and a leg, no wonder nobody else does podcasts... oh wait.
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@ez123: Well because I happen to be a gamesradar forum master... as in I'm not a mod or a 1337 (don't ask) but I have a high post count and it's been scientifically proven that your post count directly corresponds to penis growth, and I know if they ever tried to make us pay for Tdar, we'd kill them... like actually kill them... no I'm not joking. As for PCN-Gen, they get about 100 listeners a week so they'd probably pay you to listen to their podcast, and podcast17 are about mods and Valve, so yea... they're not guna start charging, and if you don't know why, well mods and Valve, pcgaming, subscription fee's, not guna happen (first person to say "BUT MMO's!" get shot) -_-  
 Very true, I'm tired and packing for a flight... so yea, there's my excuse. 
 @EdIsCool:  Then I'd be very fat.
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Talkradar US and UK are great, PCN-Gen is the little brother fancast, I know most of you read the words fancast there are went "fuuuuuuuuuuk that shit with a moldy banana", but it's actually really good, up there with the best podcasts around, Podcast17 is a must if you use steam and own any Valve games, one of the most informative podcasts ever, also good fun to boot, so everybody wins with a dose of Podcast17, unless you're a console only gamer in which case it's pretty much pointless. 
Edit: Oh and they're all pretty cheep as well, in fact you could probably get PCN-Gen to pay you to listen to their casts... at a rate of like... 0.0001 cents per hour, but hey, eventually you'll make a penny! Then you can take that penny and invest it in the stock market, make a dollar, take that dollar and give it to a homeless person, because that's just the kind, sensitive and thoughtful people I know you to be, even having never met any of you before ^_^

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@TurboMan: I listen to TalkRadar US and UK casts, PCN-Gen and Podcast17 weekly, I enjoy them as much as the GBC, they are free, will stay free, no jokes... you're analogy sucks balls as well btw, podcasts aren't chinese food... well ok there is a massive buffet of free to listen podcasts, and most of them will give you a dodgy stomach but some are spooned from the heavens, so on that level you're analogy works, but ultimately you're analogy sucks balls because I've decided it does, deal with it.
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