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" ^ name one improvment other than graphics and preformance "

It tells you when companions have new dialogue and doesn't make you check constantly,
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Game lacks a main plot entirely, it just lingers around, Act 1 is not linked to anything about from a couple of lines at the end game, Act 2 is certainly not linked to any bigger picture story. The game is completely linear, the epilogue is the same whatever you 'choose', this is by far, the worst and most underwhelming story bioware has ever released. Act 3 is the only thing that even relates to a bigger problem, and that's the shortest and there's no choice what so ever in it. 
So many improvements in this game, but so many more faults than DA:O.

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For me it's a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, well, back in a different direction. Eh, with a plot as pointless and lingering as that I can see why people would give it bad reviews. I thought this game was supposed to be over a 'major event' in the lore of the world? 

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The end ruined the game for me, like 20 times over. I was liking it until I finished it, plot seems to go nowhere.

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I loved this game, the plot, the setting, you're looking at an old ass monitor and it sucked me in more than something like Fallout or Red Dead, and that's not an overstatement. This is basically how Tron would actually be if it was realistic to technology. Loved every minute of falling into this universe.

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The gore in L4D2 is so god damn good, and the animations are so amazing. Sorry I love them to much.

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Those fucking skellingtons.

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Meh, it doesn't really effect the game that much, and they're showing respect to people with family members who have died. That's enough to justify the decision to me honestly.