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I was happy when everyone stopped talking about this.

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Anyone notice the gargoyles in the last screenshot?

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If anything has proved that PC only games can be successful advancements and sell well, it's Strarcraft 2. BF3 should be PC only.

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Someone needs to make a spider attack one.

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I am not sold.

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Wow. People will actually forget that games have progressed from running, jumping and maybe grabbing if you make it 'arty', give it a pretty face and give people the authority to think they're intelligent and arty too for defending it blindly.

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I agree, Limbo is such a better game to watch than it is to play. For me, the problem with it isn't that its too much money or that it's not long enough. It's that if you break it down into it's core features; it's lacking. The game play of continuous trail and error and simple platforming isn't really enough to carry game without a story. 
I'm sorry, but people have been breaking out statements like " Price does not determine quality." 
But I say that an artstyle doesn't determine quality. Most 'arty' games, present a story or game mechanics in really interesting ways which compliments the unusual artstyle. In a game where the isn't any interesting game mechanics and their is no story, all I felt I was paying for was a pretty face. 
And as pretty as Limbo is, it's just not a good game in my eyes, and neither is it a good story. Unfortunately this is not the bandwagon product for me.

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The story is excellent,  shame the combat and game mechanics can be seriously frustrating. Oh and all the choosen paths, I.E What faction to side with, eventually leaves you in the same place, but with different ships, bullprints and skills.

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It's the start of the Yuri the Man section, so the chapters roll from 1, I guess the consider it a separate game?

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Sounds like she's a good writer, but she is rude, loud, obnoxious and kills plenty of good jokes. She says that she thought she was "going to get some drinks in a hotel room with friends", obviously this sort of attitude she explains herself proves that she isn't podcast material?