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I just started the first one, having abandoned Demon's Souls thinking it's probably inferior. So far though, Dark Souls plays almost exactly like Demon's Souls.

I would actually argue that Dark Souls is inferior but then again there's more love on this site for Dark Souls then Demon's Souls.

I'm really curious as to how you'd argue Demon's Souls is superior to Dark Souls.

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It's details like these that make Molyneux's games so fun. Very excited for FIII.

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Very glad they're getting back to "origins" and ridding themselves of the mini-game mentality seen in all the Rabbid games.

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The addition of the quest system and various achievements here on the site has really increased my participation. These improvements have made GiantBomb itself into a game.  So meta. 
It's funny to think that back when Jeff had just been let go/quit  from GameSpot, he had this little blog with various game reviews. He'd offer updates about himself and the site.  Before the site went into full effect, I talked to him at a Kotaku E3 party in downtown LA, and complimented him on his small endeavor (it was an honest compliment, I just assumed he was taking time off). Little did I know how huge his plans were! One day, this site just blew up! (pun intended?)

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Very excited to be taken back to the good ol' days of GoldenEye~

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That is a relief.