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I like The Club I got it 4 months ago and I still play it I didn't think it's single player was that great but it was decent but it's multiplayer is something that I really enjoy about it I am still glad a lot of people still play it online.

I don't care if anyone else thought it was a bad game I enjoyed it and I only paid £8 for it and I thought it worth it considering multiplayer is still been used.

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I played Thrill Kill years ago back when Paradox first released it over the internet due to EA canceling the game and I thought it was a shame to just not even release the game.  I did enjoy the game I thought it was fun and the characters were interesting my favorite was Cleetus I also did like the other character Cain which you get him after finishing the game.  One thing I was did like about this was the concept of having 4 fighting at once and the death move when you do the uppercut and there head comes off.  I think this game would have caused controversy it seems that EA couldn't put up with it because they are cowards I wish Virgin Interactive just didn't sell to EA then this game possibly would have been out on the shelfs.

Recently I have been playing Thrill Kill again with a ps1 emulator it is the full version of the game and I still think the game is awesome to this day and as for Wu-Tang Taste the Pain that was boring compared to Thrill Kill.

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I got my Dreamcast the year it came out and I still have it I have always wanted to play this game it was always just hard to get hold of here.  Good thing it's coming out for Wii I'll buy that version.

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Super Mario Bros 3 SNES version on Super Mario All-Stars that game is just to good.