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Not great at it, but I've been meaning to play more. Oni, T Hawk, and Gouken are who I've been focusing on.

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Are you talking about joining matches through ranked or player games through custom match? I feel like that's always been a pain in the 4 series, but now I just do training mode and flip on fight requests. Find that a whole lot less annoying and time consuming. I do feel like when it comes to player matches with people I know, disconnections are more frequent but not sure if that's an actual problem or if there's a solution to it.

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Yeah I think that change is really neat.
Thing that I never expect to change but has always bugged me was the weird input for Fei's chicken wing and cammy's hooligan never conforming to half circles.

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Was just wondering the same thing. Hopefully they still have enough equipment to get it done. I guess something is coming judging by Winternet's post.

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Sorry to hear that. I wish you a swift recovery, Patrick.

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Unfortunately I'm gonna have to forfeit to

and .

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@scarace360 said:

O god I really need more time to practice! Im fucked.

I feel the same way. Gonna practice a bit more tonight and hope everything starts feeling more natural. Playing Yukiko, by the way.

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I'm ready to persona the hell out of some fools.

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I own and have played the dreamcast version for years, so online multiplayer and updated visuals seems like pretty good deal.

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Vergil seems like a poor choice in my opinion, but I guess I'll have to wait to see him in action to know for sure.

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