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Gave it to another thread but won't hurt to drop it here too

PSN: ThojaRocog

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Here is my PSN fellow Super Earthan.

PSN: ThojaRocog

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Can someone confirm whether they are or are not able to log on to the Dragon Age Servers after launching Inquisition.

Every other step of installing it has been flawless except being able to log on to the servers. If I can't do that, I can't import my Keep World State.

I have tried every suggestion I have googled around for and am beginning to think my university's network (I'm in halls, or dorms) may be to blame.

Origin is running and connecting to everything else perfect. Hell, I was even able to log in to my Dragon Age account on DA:Origins.

Obviously I just need a quick answer to the above as if it's widespread I can just sit and twiddle my thumbs but if for whatever reason I cannot connect to the servers to sync my World State I have come up with a possible workaround which I'd like you lots opinion on as to whether it would work.

Origin Save cloud is working fine, so if I were to begin my game round a friends who has DAI, log in as myself, sync my world state and then save the game. Would that allow me to keep that state when I were to come back to my actual PC for it. (Note: My friend has his own internet)

Thanks for help duders, I'm stressing. Very tempted to go vanilla world state so I can just play but I shouldn't have to

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@saft said:

I don't really have all that much to add since you put it very eloquently and i agree with most of it.

What i do have to say though, is that Dan Ryckert is the single best thing that has happened to Giant Bomb, ever. You just can't dislike that guy even with all the questionable stuff he say and do. The bombcast becomes even better the second he goes on a tangent about stupid stuff he's been up to. Also he is responsible for Metal Gear Scanlon.

Really disagree with all of this, worshipping walmart and having the same conversations over stupid things is grating and alarming if you value his opinion. I'm all for laughing about dumb stuff but the fact his ignorance is treated like some sort of genius stroke says a lot about how things have changed.

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At least dan isn't advertising for fucking taco bell for an hour again.

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I'm still waiting for my Necropolis to open. PC's been looking for the open switch for the past 15 minutes

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I was near tears throughout that whole wonderful piece dude. But those last three lines: Dude that choked me up proper

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We did one last year for Ryan at the Meltdown Bar. Well we were going for my birthday but turned into a tribute to Ryan too. Wasn't that impressed with the Bar at the time but it was just starting out at that point. If you do go have the Jim Raynor: It's divine.

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This is the only song I actually honestly enjoy. The rest sounds like an angry 13 year old's playlist shouting at the sheeple to wake up

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I loved the way Mass Effect 1 played. It felt like an actual RPG in shooter fancy dress making it feel all the more tactical than the latter two with their endless waist high covers. I felt like I could apply RPG strategies within it rather than just endlessly pressing onward. ME2 and ME3 have great combat too, more engaging and exciting than most third person shooters, but they still feel more like third person shooters than RPGs (at least where combat is concerned). I'll volunteer myself to be the freak that suggests they should make 2 and 3 more like 1