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I'm still waiting for my Necropolis to open. PC's been looking for the open switch for the past 15 minutes

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I was near tears throughout that whole wonderful piece dude. But those last three lines: Dude that choked me up proper

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We did one last year for Ryan at the Meltdown Bar. Well we were going for my birthday but turned into a tribute to Ryan too. Wasn't that impressed with the Bar at the time but it was just starting out at that point. If you do go have the Jim Raynor: It's divine.

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This is the only song I actually honestly enjoy. The rest sounds like an angry 13 year old's playlist shouting at the sheeple to wake up

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I loved the way Mass Effect 1 played. It felt like an actual RPG in shooter fancy dress making it feel all the more tactical than the latter two with their endless waist high covers. I felt like I could apply RPG strategies within it rather than just endlessly pressing onward. ME2 and ME3 have great combat too, more engaging and exciting than most third person shooters, but they still feel more like third person shooters than RPGs (at least where combat is concerned). I'll volunteer myself to be the freak that suggests they should make 2 and 3 more like 1

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Coggeshall, Essex, UK

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Number 2. lol

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No but what I got was amazing

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Can someone please tell me where I can find the song they played for emails this week that just screamed MONEY. Tunes so catchy I need it in my life

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I could never get excited for Last of Us in the long period from the first VGA trailer to its release. After it was showered with 10/10s me and a group of friends thought we'd pick it up and check it out. We got hooked by the opening but found ourselves getting bored quickly after.

A lot of the problem for me was in the interest of group compromise we played it on Normal rather than Hard, and also taking it turns watching my friends waste resources after clumsily making it through a sequence or spending our capsules on upgrades I didn't want (MORE HEALTH. WHAT A BLOODY WASTE) it made the experience rather shallow and all the more gamey. It felt more like a claustrophobic Uncharted than anything else.

At the time I didn't put it down to these reasons. I put it down to the game. But in one of the Bombcasts near the end of last year Brad voiced how the game is at it's best on Hard in the dark alone. And also how it picks up a lot pretty much exactly where we stopped playing.

Because of this I thought I'd grab it off my mate and play through it again on Hard in ze dark. No longer was I anchored by group voting when it came to upgrades or resource use and I felt comfortable to take the game at my own pace, acting sensible as I felt necessary through all the encounters and making sure to stop for those scarce moments of calm and take the world and it's wonderful characters in.

And I adored it. The story can stand on its own hence the popularity of those youtube videos you see of just the cutscenes, but man playing it like I did made it one of the most tense, visceral and exciting games I've ever played.

So thank you Bradley. Thank you for inadvertently making sure I didn't miss out on one of my greatest experiences in this generation.