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I'm also looking to get a stick but I don't know what type. Any one know where they make custom sticks? please link

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Alright I have to admit I'm doing this for the quest and  have no idea if I will be updating this thing. I have to admit I'm really lazy when it comes to things like this. Well What to say I'm from Sweden but I live in Japan. And it's over 2 a.m so i better get some sleep. Going in to the city tomorow see if I'll buy some nice electronics or a game who knows. I might even write about it for now goodnight or good morning depending on where you live and when you read this. Like someone I\is going to read this lol.

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I have problems syncing with steam it says my account is already registered I might be doing the wrong thing. Is it the link from my profile page? look like this changed out my numbers for x
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This game lookes sweet wonder how it will work with 256 players.
I have to admit I'm a bit skeptic. But hey they game looks good and I'm not going to complain until i try it :)