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I listened to the Ryan Davis memorial podcast and it was excellent.

As a gamer and listener I would like to share my viewing experience of Ryan Davis. I started watching GameSpot "On the spot" at some point. I remember I thought the show was really cool because of Rich Gallup being the "cool guy", Jeff Gertsmann being the "he knows" gaming guy and Greg Kasavin being the RPG guy. Ryan Davis was, for me at that time, just a background guy and I actually thought he seemed a bit uncomfortable at times.

The show was great for a while..., then Greg went, Rich went and at the end the "scandal" with Jeff happened. This is actually the point I really noticed Ryan Davis because I still remember hes nervous face on the first "On the spot" after Jeff left. I just thought to myself. "That guy is NOT happy... and right now that place is a shitty place to work".

The reason I point this out is because I didnt know Ryan and Jeff were such good friends and it was a surprise to me that he was going to join him on GiantBomb. On GiantBomb I think Ryan Davis blossomed. He just seemed way more relaxed, entertaining and confident. I didnt just go to the site for stuff Jeff said anymore, but for Ryan and crew as well. The podcast became ace under Ryan hosting abilities, but I also think he topped it of by indirectly "mentoring"/being a good wingman for a few of the others as well. Ryans flavor cant be replaced, but I think the Giantbomb crew now has a bigger assortment of other interesting flavors to keep the site and podcast entertaining in the future because of hes influence.

Regressing a bit I personally think GiantBomb was the best thing that ever happened to Ryan Davis, professionally at least. Compared to my first impression of him from back in the day to today I would just like to say as a viewer that:

At Giantbomb Ryan Davis seemed happy!

Rest in peace, dude :)

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Condolence... This sucks.


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Same issue, everything works fine, but when I press play on a video I only get a black screen.

I have Firefox, Explorer and Chrome installed. All have the same issue. All QuickLook videos I tested will not play, except the one on the main page...I think its some kind of a conflict where regions not in the US are supposed to get an add or something, but since they dont the content never starts playing or something along those lines. Who knows... Its been like this for over a week now. While other sites may not be as good a black screen isnt that entertaining.

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Tested a few quick look videos. I only get a black screen when trying to play them.

I usually use Firefox, but I have Explorer and Chrome installed as well and all of those did not play the videos ether.

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The biggest issue for me, after I realized you can hold your finger on the main menu to re organize the menus, is ether flash or html5 video streaming via the browser.That alone should be a killer for many. If it had that I would probably keep it with me more and therefor check the store more often and maybe buy something. That said the browser is way better than the PSP one, but compared to a iPhone its not as good with the lack of YouTube support and such, but its as fast.

The minor issues is the constant lets not have folders and such like 100% of the PCs you connecting the Vita to because we are Sony.

The controls are a bit awkward, specially if you have big hands. I have "piano fingers" and even I had issues pressing multiple buttons when I was supposed to only press one. I blame Asians for this design issue. LoL. Next Vita will probably be named PSP Vita Western with a slightly changed control design (size etc).

Wifi seems to be capped at 2-3mb download speeds.

Bottom line for me:

+ If you are a hardcore handheld gamer you can get it now.

- If you are looking for a all in one entertainment machine, video/music/tv series/streaming/browsing AND games, you will not like it until it can do video streaming and such specially when your phone probably can.

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They wont win. The trademark is "The Elder Scrolls" not "Scrolls".

Whats next, they will sue someone for using the word "The" because its a part word in their trademark...

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The sad fact, which is kinda in the spirit of current EA, their Origin Norway store is more expensive than Steam, even for old titles like Dead Space 2 and I am not talking about Steam offers.
Dead Space 2 - Origin - 400 NOK = 52 EUR.
Dead Space 2 - Steam - 30 EUR =  235 NOK.
If your currency is strong vs the Eur, Origin is, overall, a rip off.
I kinda bet, since its EA, that if it was reversed and the Eur was strong we would be paying in Eur....
EA has been treating their customers like shit for years.
Thats the main reason I dont really want to use Origin, or Windows Live (PC) for that matter, to buy games.

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@retsub101 said:
Guess who's going out of business!
COOP sells mainly food smart ass.
I think this is just a PR stunt to get news attention.