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I have unlocked all 6 achievements but still missing Mister Kombat and it wont let me unlock it again. Please Help!
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I just picked it up as well, although the online feature isn't working. Is it true that the online capabilites aren't included in the Steam version?
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The problem I am having is that every time I click the tab to go to the achievements section on my profile, it gives me a 500 "Luchadeer is at a Los Lonely Boys concert". Any fix for this, or do I just wait for this one too?

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I was actually thinking about picking up Godfather 2, but I guess I will wait for the review. I have heard too many mixed opinions so far.

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Odd, I am getting some error while downloading. It gets to 1 percent and it says that the download couldn't finish. How did they mess up an unlock code? D:

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I just downloaded it, although I was hesitant to because the download is 2 MB's. So paying to unlock content on content is sleazy as hell, although I still bought it just cause I am such a RE5 whore.

Will you guys be downloading it?

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"Let's put a smile on that face".

I am surprised nobody has done that yet. Or has someone?

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Dude, I just finally got all 1000 in this game. You mean to tell me there is another 100 I need to get?!?

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Now I am hungry :(