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Best of luck Vinny! Everyone at GB is so darn hardworking that I'm sure everything will turn out great for the site.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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@billymagnum @pahn121

Do either of you have multiple you could spare? I recently decided to have a security system installed in my house and few things in my house were stolen by the people who were supposed to install the system! This included my poster that was still in the shipping tube. Now I have this brand new frame and nothing to put in it. I would be willing to pay for the poster plus shipping if anyone would be so kind. Thanks!

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Do a bombastica of Mappy so we can finally get Mappy DX.

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That NBA 2k game sure looks nice. Not sure how much you like sports games though.

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111 games worth: $1,533.02 USD

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Panasonic plasmas are the best tv's out im my opinion. I got the GT50 for a crazy price when best buy was clearing out last year's stock. Sony makes the best LED but I've always felt that LED's look a little washed out

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Ryan's dad just posted this on twitter

Looks like it was sleep apnea