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@hailinel: From my perspective a critics job is to inform people of somethings quality.

And from my perspective, Newtonian physics works perfectly.

A critic's job is not to tell you if a work of art is "good." It's to offer you perspective on a work. Unfortunately critics have been transformed into salesmen in the last few decades, because so many people lack the academic perspective which you denigrate.

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@jakob187 said:

Have I ever stated how much I hate the art direction on DOTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth? I still feel like League of Legends is about 100 times more original.

Generic anime designs are original?

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You have to rescue a girl who's been kidnapped. It's totally the same game as Super Mario Bros.!

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@kalibr said:

How can no one pick up Vigil? They made good games that just didnt sell well.

didnt sell well.

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The "fan" rage was completely insane. Oh no, they changed Dante from a pretty-boy with white hair to a pretty-boy with black hair!? HOW DARE THEY!

DMC fans seem to think old Dante was some paragon of masculinity while new Dante looks too much like Justin Bieber. They forget that old Dante was actually pretty effeminate. Hell, in DMC3 he looked like he'd just stepped out of a bondage club.

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@HellBound said:

This is a joke.

First of all the CDC is a joke. They have a "Zombie Survival Guide". I mean really?

As a future scientist and researcher myself, in order to do good and ACTUAL research on this subject, they would have to spend years and years. Determining the developmental and mental affects something "violent" has on a person would take years. You would have to watch that person grow and develop. Not only are you straining ethics at that point, but also money.

The evidence is right in front of them. Millions of people play violent video games and movies. They have for years. The percentage of violent crimes based on that would show how it does not have an affect. The violent crimes that do happen can't necessarily be linked to violent media. Parental abuse is the biggest factor.

If someone can't tell the different from fake and reality, that is a mental issue. Research better ways to help the brain.

"I watched Django so killing White people who like Slaves must be good!" Am I doing it right?

Yeah, the institution that has overseen the elimination of some of the worst diseases in human history is a joke. Thanks for letting us know, internet scientist!

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Part of the fun of Pokemon was taking it everywhere and playing it with people. I suppose a console version would work if it had proper online functionality, but Nintendo just doesn't have the online infrastructure that other platforms have.

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This week's update is the first of 2013, and brings with it a lot of updates, the most important of which are the new hero, Medusa, as well as the new game type, All Mid.

For a look at Medusa's video, check out her official page:

All Mid is exactly what it sound like. The sidelanes are disabled, everyone goes mid, and you can have the same heroes on each team. It's a typhoon of fun. A funsoon, if you will.


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Yes. It wouldn't have changed the fact that all the endings were the same cutscene with a different color scheme, however it would have made the Starchild's appearance not just a random plot twist.

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@Garfield518 said:

A protagonist that speaks.


Also, abandon the morality system. It was really frustrating that the game gave me a bunch of tools to use but labeled most of them as "bad."