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Just tried it again myself...still effed up

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stunt position on a plane taking off...oh wait, taking a helicopter as high as i can and jumping out...oh, wait...EVERYTHING!
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dante's inferno...dont ask
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thats awesome...good info.  i cannot wait for this game...the demo is going to be bittersweet (wanna play for longer than 30 minutes, but will take what i can get cause this game is going to be bad ass!)

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It's Been Awhile by Staind.  I dislike them because of that song.  Heard it all through college and still cant get that song out of my head.
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5 bucks would be worth it.  i really like the idea of more single player additions. 
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Couldn't agree more.  This  glitch is really getting out of hand.  There is no satisfaction of getting a win anymore if you are on a team that does it or playing the game if you lose to it.  i can't understand the logic behind spending 60 dollars on a game only to cheat your way through it.  I thought buying a game and playing it for the enjoyment was what this is all about.  This is why i am really excited about the games that are coming out (Bioshock 2, God of War 3, etc.)  i have such a love/hate relationship with this game that it is really disappointing when i have to put it down for idiots and cheaters.  IW better fix this or they are gonna find alot of people going to over to Bad Company 2 including myself.
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people are so quick to throw people under the bus when they see a person who is still ranked 1.  bottom line, if you bought the game, who gives a shit what they say.  alot of them do suck and say pretty shitty things.  put it this way...i have had it for PS3 since day 1.  just bought it for the xbox yesterday.  when i put it in, the people were talking shit about how i was going to be the reason that are team was going to lose...i came in 2nd and 3rd in 2 games and they all shut up.  just play if it is fun to you.  i would definately try it if you paid the money for it.  dont let all of the crappy online players discourage you.
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@Branthog said:
"I have it pre-ordered, but I'm thinking of canceling it. The game comes out in two business days and yet there seems to be nearly zero hype or discussion or activity over it. No quicklooks, no real discussion on any of the podcasts I listen to. Nothing. I figured they'd be sacrificing a lot to produce this type and scope of game, but that I'd want to support the effort and jump on the bandwagon on the first day of release. But now . . . I'm leaning more toward "wait and see". Even though Amazon gives a $10 credit on the purchase as a pre-order.  Also, the fact that it's a PS3 game kind of concerns me. Awesome - another game I can play where there are 256 players and 248 of them don't have mics. "
I'd have to agree.  I don't think the PS3 online community can support this the way they want.  i have a PS3 and play MW2 on it.  you are hard pressed to find a large amount of people with mics (although i will say that there are more than people give it credit for).  Put it this way...last night i went out and bought MW2 on the xbox as i have 2 sets of friends that have it on both systems.  i would rather buy a game twice than take the chance of getting burned by this game.  there really has been nothing out there to support the 60 dollar price.  i tried to get into the beta, but it took forever and didn't have the patience to wait for it.  so i stopped the "updates" and played MW2.  i hope they suprise me but i will wait and see as well.
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I had the same thing happen to me only i did have someone watching friend had not called in a supply crate before.  i was showing him how it works and told him to throw it into an open area.  i told him that they can kill you if you have it fall on you and to make sure you are away from it.  as soon as it dropped, it rolled right on to me.  his girlfriend was in his living room watching him play and of course he told her what i had just said and what had happened.  thought that was kind a dumb of me.
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