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Tomb Raider was the first game I played on my new PC in May, and it was amazing. I was super excited to for this game when it was announced. What a huge bummer.

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McMinnnville, Oregon

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Try one of the fine local Nintendo Zone locations, like McDonald's or an AT&T store! Those guys at the AT&T store love it when you just stand outside their store and play video games!

(I am shamed to admit that I will occasionally pull into a McDonald's parking lot just to get on the Nintendo Zone and see if the Streetpass relay is working)

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I remember having issues getting my Wii online year back and it was a strange DNS issue. Nintendo recommended setting the system to use Google's DNS, which is or A similar thing happened on my DS as well. Maybe worth a try to tell the 3DS to use that DNS and see if it works better.

Is there a chance that there are multiple Access Points with the same name in the area? Maybe the campus wifi is getting the 3DS confused.

(not sure what DNS you tried Sniipe, didn't notice that you had tried that until after I replied)

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I haven't gotten the Capture O Power yet. I always forget to activate them. None of mine have leveled up.

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Is there only the one False Swipe TM in X/Y?

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I was surprised how easy it was to catch Yveltal when it came to it. I guess it makes sense that they want you to get it for plot development.

After a bit of searching, Spite is a move that lowers PP on the last move the enemy used. Shedinja learns that at lvl 25, and it also gets Heal Block at level 52. It will also accept the False Swipe TM, so I might train up one of those as well, and use Gallade and it as a team. I always loved using Shedinja back in Sapphire. Just got to make sure you know what hits and swap out when danger shows up.

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Other than False Swipe, and moves that cause sleep, are there any other things I need to worry about for training up a pokemon meant for catching other pokemon?

I've bred myself a few male Ralts, and I am planning on getting one of them evolved into a Gallede. Anyone recommend another type that would work better?

What are the particularly hard pokemon to catch? I think I ran across an Articuno earlier today, but it just fled before I could select a move. There are abilities that keep pokemon from running away right?

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@koolaid: I am pissed you can't get koffing.

I realize that the day the Bank launches all these pokemon will be available on GTS, but I've got two huge collections sitting on these other games.

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