Free Radical Closure

I recently read the sad developments of the Free Radical team.

I purchased my PS2 a little after a year into its life span and one of the first games I played was Timesplitters. A fast paced FPS with a great arcade feel. The single player was seriously lacking as it amounted to running through a level to acquire some intel and then retreating back through the level while fending off these "timesplitter" creatures.

The multiplayer, however, was a lot of fun and great to play with friends. This was also true of the two follow up games of the series. Really engaging multiplayer and a great sense of humor. You can understand, then, that I've really been looking forward to the follow up game Timesplitters 4, for quite awhile.

I followed the developments and information on Free Radical's most recent production, Haze. Its well known that Haze was pretty much garbage but I could easily forgive Free Radical for that if they put out a great TS4. However, now the fate of the series really seems to be hanging in the balance. I hope that Free Radical winds up getting acquired or that the TS series falls into the lap of a really competent developer.

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