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Thank you, I'm loving this. :)

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@accidentalpancakes: Nice! Bookmarked and currently listening. :)
Edit: Oh God there's a GOTY-podcast playing now, it's getting me hyped for this years!

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I really like Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments, though I haven't played all of it. Been saving the three last cases for the holiday break, but man that is just an awesome detective game. The deduction-mechanic really makes that game, super fun!

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I've played less games this year but the ones I have played we're a lot of fun except for Destiny. So - good year!

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It'll probably be Shadow of Mordor or FarCry 4. Smash deserves it.

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I would recommend Blood Bowl: Team Manager and Carcassonne!

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I won't get this game until I REALLY know the MP works. Really glad I didn't get it right away.

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Looks great! Too bad it's still GTA V.

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I watch copious amounts of hockey, Swedish Hockey League, the Swedish second league and NHL.

Not into other sports, really.

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Halo always stood out to me with the way the shooting and the movement feels, it feels tactical in a way I like. I just enjoy it, not a big FPS-fan but Halo just about nails all of it for me personally.