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The Giant Bomb ASMR-minute.

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The very obscure Picross-genre.

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Seems pretty promising based on The Giant Beastcast. Welcome, sir!

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I didn't like the demo for Forza Horizon 2, but this was fun. Anyone think I should get FH2?

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  • Shovel Knight, game looked great but I have yet to play it. My hype for it died along the way.
  • Project No.9, that game looks terrible and I wish I hadn't.
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Such a latecast. God damnit!

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Alex and Vinny are good but the games they cover aren't the best...

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@penguindust: I'm always absolutely astounded by her talent whenever I see a video of her.

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I want the new camera tracking 3D and I'm a total sucker, so yes.

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I think Greg Miller is a pretty funny guy, but these other guys are... not funny. At all.

I've tried to listen/watch the Game Over Greggy Show, but man, it's just not good. The most recent episode I watched was with Jeff, I remember people saying that the episode with Jeff was super awesome. And I think I might've chuckled like once or twice.

Just not my thing I guess.