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some of are never going to be finished... 
final fantasy 13 (currently at 40 hours) 
batman arkhem asylem 
forza 3 
resonance of faith (this is too hard to ever finish I think) 
fable 2 dlc 
and I just got dragon age: origins - ultimate edition, and that includes all the dlc of that game I am currently at 10 hours 
risk factions 
that should do it for now

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Nope cause my country (netherlands) is really keen on keeping the net totally unrestricted so it is illegal to upload movies, music, etc. but downloading is legal.  

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@Shadow said:
"Okay then, give up if you must.  *holds out hand* Testicles, please. "

haha, I'm so happy I did got the game finished on insanity now
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@Asger: glad to help, and have fun playing the game full screen 
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@Asger: try re-downloading the extras
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I actually had the opposite happening :p, I loved all the cut scenes and was playing (read watching) this game like shit until I got near the ends and without all too much backstory and directions you are dropped on huge plains with stupid side quests and a whole lot of enemies, and those appeared to be there for one reason and one reason only: grinding. cause try to advance without #@! grinding and you will be brutally slaughtered, at that point I threw this game out of the window and never popped it in again

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@TooWalrus: you could let some hacker perform a ddos attack on the site ...
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oh man this is nothing my dog just went banana crazy andstarted shitting in my 360's disk tray

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well that sucks but not nearly as much as the fact that the 3ds will be region locked 

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well no and yes, I used to be a whole lot less critical about my games so even bad games (anyone ever played bugdom, a game that would standard come with apples when it was still mac OS9) would be considered good, but I was just fooling myself it turns out