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@warxsnake said:
" i want to be able to stream daft punk   
yes.. yes... YES!! do this
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This trailer might actually be better than the game itself... 
and ouch that drilling in his head gotta hurt

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Since you say pc is ok as well ( and pc's are very old ) I would have to say that kotor was very epic.
but currently it would be ME1 since the story is so much more intense and surprising than in me2, I hope they make 3 more like 1, sigh

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It's AWESOME, that is if you can get by the sometimes terrible gameplay, but story and rpg wise it's way better than ME2

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 I know it's a car but at least a good one

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So I thought I would just ask this, how many hours/ days have you played modern warfare 2? 
Me myself I have like 9 and a half days of playtime right now and I'm still going.

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Why didn't they remove that fucking knife thing as well, that would have made it the best mode eva!!

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well it kinda depends on how much you are still playing mw2, I am still playing it allot so I got both the map packs because new maps to play = nice. 
but if you are making a choice go for the second map pack ( resurgence ) I find it better than the stimules one.@ShaunassNZ said:

 PS get a new Avatar bro. "  
you should
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@Suicrat said:
" He just needs to know about this website right here, and he'll be right back on the internet bandwagon. "
Tottaly, makes you wonder though would they also dare to make one in orange??