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Why on earth would you even still buy a laptop in that case? Might as well build a small desktop, for half the price but twice the performance, and put a big handle on it for transporting.
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Seems rather useless, and you should also write something in your post cause this way it's just spam and will be treated as such.

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Turn those shadows off and fast, those alone account for like half the fps and with bloom it should be a lot better already.

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Seeing how you are trying to download huge files, you might as well give the whole game a fresh install and see if that fixes it.

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The server would the US based "Mind Trick". And what exactly do you mean with most sought after class?
Story wise the imperial agent is probably the best, but if you mean the class that is most requested that is probably either a tank or a healer altough dps is pretty wanted too so as you can see that is hard to tell especially since it continuesly changes.
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In the beta it would automatically default to the onboard graphics instead of the dedicated gpu (if you happen to have a laptop that has a card, and if not don't expect it to run) don't know if that is still the case but maybe you can check just to be sure.

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Didn't just yet since I am still trying to figure out which class to do that with, but I did just get my spaceship at lvl 11 whit my agent which was different and quite hard but all worth it.

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Should work as long as you put everything on low and make sure to turn the shadows off completely cause those alone account for half the fps.

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I just wished they would put in a "group force choke" power that would let you choke up to 25 foes at the same time. I mean were talking one of the most powerful sith of the galaxy here (at lvl 50).

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Thought it might be fun to have a thread in which you can post your "funniest home videos" like experiences with this game, be it something you saw some one else do or maybe something you did all by yourself.

I shall start of with my stupidist moment yet: After having played one BH to lvl 21 a shadow to 18 and in the beta a warrior up to 17, it took me until this morning to find out that at your class trainer their is not only a general tab but also one for the specific path you chose at lvl 10. Sufficient to say I felt both very (very) stupid but also happy cause I was already wondering when I was going to get all those skills I saw other people of my class had.