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Just find yourself something else to do for a while, like not playing the game for a few days or helping out noobs with flashpoints, start up a nice little business through the market or try rolling a pvp server. Just don't keep on doing what you find boring cause that will of course make you not like the game.

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This almost makes me want to switch guilds... we of Gb should do something even better!

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You'l never guess but I have annother tank in the making it's a shadow and currently only lvl 14 so not much of a tank yet. But give it some time to develop and grow and we will have a new tank in our mids in no time.

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It's really not that hard to increase the size of your windows partition, you just have to be prepared to re install windows but since most user data is easily backed up that shouldn't be a problem.

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Seems boring, the Bothans clearly had more good luck with their dance party...

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So while all the bad guys were working on destroying the republic and bioware told us the server would shut down in 15 minutes we decided to DANCE like there was no tomorrow....

I decided to take matters in my own hands, grabbed a camcorder and filmed this shit!

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Reason why this took so long was that I was uploading it in HD but right at the point where it would start processing we had a power outage thus I decided to go SD this time around.

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The game is super awesome indeed, and if you want more content views on here just post something on the subject of your avatar...

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Can you get it with a different graphics card? Cause this one is a mediocer card of the last generation.
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What specs does your system have? Cause the server has been fine for me and I am on a US server even though I'm from europe.
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And yeah keep your shadows low cause for some reason they account for about half the frames (dropping when turned on).