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VGCW is awesome and more people need to watch it.

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Great article Patrick.

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Not really excited for this.

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I have to hold back my initial feeling of total fucking hatred for Jim Sterling, that's not something for this thread and mostly it's just a stream of expletives and jokes about how ugly and untalented he is.

For me, Bastion is totally game of the year material and all the review minus the ones that are complete bullshit and made just to get hits are right on the nose.

If you are on the fence, get the demo. That's all there is to say.

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A good 10 minutes spent making this. Well worth it.

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@jadeskye said:
But seriously you should PM that to Jeff. I think he'd love it. "

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@Stealthmaster86: There is lag in terms of controller to game. Some game engines interpolate input in such a way that there is a measurable degree of lag from the time you press the button to when the game receives it. This is what MLG fags kick and scream about when they lose, because it's never them, it's the game and the dev's fault they suck.

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MLG and pro gaming in general is for twats. Games are for relaxing and de-stressing. Not fucking freaking out over 2 frames of lag that "lost you that game winning kill". They can all fuck off.