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Stuck on loading on a Roku 3

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I couldn't get into monster hunter, but I am really liking this game so far. It takes the better parts of Monster Hunter, like killing big bosses, leveling gear, etc, but removes some of the tedious stuff from Monster Hunter.

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Timezone CST

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Already paid for it.

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I haven't posted one of these here for a while. But a lot has changed in a year, and we are still going strong. Thought some people might want to check us out. At least 2 people on reddit like the show sometimes!

Episode Link (Streaming Player)


Jon talks about a co-worker with an odd dream. Tyler lays out his future plans as a stand up comedian and chats about bad movies. Yeah… Battle Royale is …. just…. o.k. Lance explains how basically the autobots committed genocide in the third transformer movie. Jon is mistaken about Tone Loc, and everyone plans what could be the greatest movie of all time…. not.

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This game really is both awesome and terrible. Being a huge ARMA fan (back to op flash) I am able to overlook many of the bugs/annoying arma things to see the awesome, punishing game beneath. But this mod really has some terrible setup. Right now, the Day Z servers are completely overloaded with people. A lot of people have purchased ARMA II combined ops for this mod, and will be very disappointed. The problem with the game is the persistence between servers. It is neat, but it is also a complete chokepoint for gaming. If each hosted server would have it's own persistence, the terrible lag/login nonsense seen today would be gone.

In Operation Flashpoint, there was an awesome zombie mod very similar to this one, (you started as a squad of marines, and had a humvee) but it was the same expansive wasteland of a world. The great part about this zombie mod was that could could play it in a LAN server, and we played it at our LANs we had.

I don't understand why the cross-server persistence is neccessary. The DayZ forums are full of people having server connection problems, and the dev response is "They are overloaded, keep trying". Things are basically like an MMO on launch day. I really hope they open up the game for LAN play and offline play. It would kick ass, and solve a lot of their server troubles.

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Jon and Adam talk video games for the holiday season of 2011. Casey Kasem’s spirit inhabits Jon, and the hot new band “Roll Control” sings the hits. Adam ponders how pee filled water balloons are filled, and everyone talks a lot about video games. At some point Jon robots out, and Adam confesses his bi-halo-curiousity. And a warning, the dragon will fall on you! Stay tuned after the ending music for the shortest full podcast ever.

Available streaming here!

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With Jon’s battle with a cold subsiding, the guys decide to record an episode. Jon and Adam jaw about building computers, and being the sickest ever. Talk turns to T.V. where Adam and Jon head back to a classic cartoon for the ages. Reboot!!!! Then talk turns to other shows that are being watched in the death apartment, (Mad Men, Buffy, Angel) until the unspeakable happens. The mysterious benefactor and Adam activate Dark Jon, and the podcast takes a turn.

Streaming player on my website!

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I love this site, they obviously care greatly about providing content. So much so that they run themselves ragged once a year to do this.