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I love this game. It's relentless, fun to play, and has a fantastic soundtrack. I have it on my MP3 player.
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Quick look Throwback: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu by Hudson Soft for NES!

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It does happen to me from time to time. I think the first time I ended up prefering a game's sequel over was with Double Dragon [NES] and Double Dragon 2: The Revenge [NES]. The second game is clearly the better game because the graphics, music, and game play are better. Also, the biggest thing that makes it better is that it actually has simultaneous cooperative play, unlike the first game for the NES (which had that crap trap Mode B arena duel feature). Now, the Sega Master System version of the first game did have simultaneous cooperative play . However, that's another matter all together...
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Tekken 2 is an incredible game graphically as well as technically.

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It's been a long while since I've been on here, so I apologize if I am late on this. But I do want to weigh in on this. This pack sounds pretty good. Phanatsy Star II, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 3, Shinobi, Comix Zone, Altered Beast are all fine games. Especially Gunstar Heroes. However, I already own all these games on the Genesis (and I am one of those crazy retro gamers who's willing to hook up his older systems just to play one game). I don't think I'm willing to lay down the money the them on XBLA; even for points. 
And about Sonic 3, I do not think that it was the beginning of the end for the franchise; I personally think that the Sonic 3D Blast title is truly to blame for the weird spot that the franchise is in now. Regardless I would rather rebuy Sonic 2 than the third game.
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@Hay4z said:
"@Lind_L_Taylor said:

" I haven't seen much traffic on it anymore & I'm starting to see the price drop unfold (around $48.00 used).  I'm wondering if anyone is still playing this game or if it has already been consumed & everyone that was even remotely interested in it has moved on to greener pastures.? "

48? I bought it for 20 dollars new Canadian "

Sweet deal for sure.
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Sorry... this is the first time in months that I've had time to talk in subjective forums, and I remember liking this game a bit.
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@Bubahula said:
"@Jon_Rivera: seriously ! this is getting really weird. i should stop doing this and get back to work "

It has been a long while since I have had a chance to converse with others in the community. What... Am
 doing something wrong by talking with others about a game I enjoyed back when it came out??
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@Bubahula said:
"@Jon_Rivera: did you just get mirrors edge? "

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??I'm sorry??
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