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I'd probably get a new car.  Mine is about to take a dump.

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I've tried these and had a lot of fun with all of them:
Bookworm, Canabalt, Drop7, Fieldrunners, Geared, geoDefense, Lumines, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Peggle, Rolando, Soosiz, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Unblock Me, Words with Friends, and Zen Bound

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It's also worth noting that Demon's Souls not only got the PS3 GOTY, but the overall GOTY as well.  Crazy shit.
But yeah, I would think that out of that list, where the primary determinant in platform awards is how they "define the platform", Modern Warfare 2 probably should take top spot.  Activision marketed the game for 360 and the online community clearly chose it with the huge number of players, I don't think that AC2 stands a chance by that particular factor.

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I actually just made the jump from the 8800GT to the 5850 and I would say that the differences are tangible.  I went from being able to run Borderlands at 1650 x 1050 with mostly high settings and 2x AA to literally everything cranked up with no hiccups after the change.  The main thing I noticed from one card to the next is that I can pretty reliably flip stuff like dynamic shadows, bloom lighting, and the like on with no worry of drop in framerate whereas with the 8800GT I might have to mess around and ultimately leave a couple of those things off.

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I really enjoyed Hans Zimmer's work on Modern Warfare 2, in recent memory.  And I also got the Assassin's Creed 2 soundtrack, which was composed by Jesper Kyd.

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Y'know, I gave it a little more thought and there are two more games that might be worth checking out, though I haven't played either.  I heard that the new Kingdom Hearts game for DS is pretty easy to digest in small chunks, though the PS2 version was a little too unwieldy for me.  And secondly, this "Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes" has been getting some pretty darn positive buzz, especially for an unknown quantity with an undecipherable name.

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Well, I wouldn't consider this game "awful", but I would consider it "largely uninspired with surprisingly solid core mechanics"... namely, Dark Sector.

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Well... I'm not incredibly qualified to recommend DS RPGs because I'm unfamiliar with most of them, but I think that something like Mario and Luigi: Bowzer's Inside Story is light enough that you can play it in short chunks yet deep enough that it really is genuinely a good RPG rather than a silly action game.  Alternatively, a game like Retro Game Challenge might be worth a look, though it's not really strictly an RPG.  It's an amalgamation of several "retro-style" games including an RPG directly inspired by the Dragon Quest series.

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@ryanwho said:
" I have no idea what this is but alright good work. I guess they're claim to fame is being mentioned on the podcasts they give awards to? That's a sneaky way to get noticed. "
It's not nearly as insidious.  We've been going for about a year now... and like most start-ups lacking enormous advertising budget or a corporate overlord, we're just now beginning to get some attention.  Honestly, the amount of response we've been getting for these awards has been really reassuring and surprising for me.  It's been the support and affirmation of guys like Mike Cruz at 1UP in specific, other podcast hosts, and our small but growing community that keeps us going.
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Personally, my shortlist is a little chunky, though I think I'll give it to the last day to contemplate what I really want/to wait and see if any of my choices go on "super-sale" like Mirror's Edge, Stalker, etc are right now:
 Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena - $6.80
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - $13.60
Indigo Prophecy - $3.40
Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr. Ned - $6.70
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum Edition - $10.20
Oblivion GOTY Edition - $22.50
Majesty 2 - $15
Machinarium - $10
Eufloria - $10
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack - $24.85
Stalker: Clear Sky - $5

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