dungeon keeper 3 should be made

dungeon keeper 2 was one of my favorite games ever itt had stratigy it had blood it was brilliant dk 3 was trailered at the end of dk 2 and never saw the light of day becuz peter molinu left and made lionhead while bullfrog just disappered. ea now hold the rights and i think that ea should develope it becuz loads of people are talking about the lak of innovative games but dk3 type games are a not round much any more well there was black and white 2 in 2005 but that wasnt great so making another dk would be innovative now its an old concept but nobody is really donig it now a days excepth spore and to a lesser extent sims but the strategy the combat the humour the characters the way you can become one of your minions and be part of the action are the best parts of dk and dk2 it would just be so refreshing now with so many fps and combat strategy games around to have dk3 it also has or had a hugh fan base and people will have a o yeah i remeber playing that moment i think its time for a dk3 game

this my first blog so be nice plese bye