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CMDR Jondan.

I'll be a few thousand light years over that way, scanning out some new ternary system.

Really digging the exploration.

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I have never missed a person I never met more.

This. Still miss that beautiful bastard.

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Cheers to the duder that shouted "VinnCo!" at me while crossing the bridge near Jeff's Shed last night. :3

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Am also on a 3 day pass again this year, but I won't be able to make Saturday night at all. Can do Friday and/or Sunday no worries though.

Was looking forward to raiding that whiskey bar again. :D

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@fram said:

I'd be happy if they just sent Drew with a GoPro strapped to himself filming at all times.

This would be pretty great, both before and after some editing. Like the roller coaster videos.

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@spacekatgal said:

I'd also like to tell the users of Giant Bomb, my first slate of rape and death threats came in January when I wrote a piece critiquing the absence of women voting for GOTY.

This made me feel sick. Who would threaten such things over a completely valid observation? What kind of people are we dealing with here?

Thanks to Brianna for pointing this out, thanks to the GB staff for responding to this whole GamerGate situation, and thanks to Rorie and the mods for handling this mess.

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Sorry to hear it Jeff. Condolences. :(

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23 Striker Titan, PSN: JondanDex