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Happy birthday Jeff! :D

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Sent a request just now, Jondan#1240

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@bulldig: I'm Double Frogman on Steam, and JondanDex on Uplay. Sent you a friend request. :D

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I'm Jim, and mine is the head sticking up from the back of the crowd, thanks to standing on the couch to make it into the shot. :D

Here's my Steam and my Twitter.

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@wezmon said:

Jondan, are you a Melbourne local? I'm often setting up CAH games here and there. Do you want me to let you know when the next one is?

And to the duder I was talking to who is going through Borderlands 2, if you want a hand, send me a friend request on Xbox Live. GT is Wezmon.

It's me, I'm the duder going through Borderlands 2, in between every other damn thing from the current Steam sale, but I'm doing so on PC. >_<

If there are more CAH games to be horrible at (horribly awesome) I am so in.

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First time playing Cards Against Humanity. A++ would be a terrible person again.

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@audiobusting said:

If any of you want to take a tram, I think you can take 57 to the first Elizabeth St. stop, walk to Swanston (2-3 minutes away) then take the no 1 or 8 tram there.

Was just poking at the new Google Maps and this all checks out; tram 57 from Showgrounds to La Trobe/Elizabeth, walk 1 block to La Trobe/Swanston, then tram 1 or 8 up to Elgin/Lygon, and walk a few minutes more.

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@captpaulblues said:

Was gutted when finding out Ryan had passed away and I was so close to getting to meet him and Jeff, but I'm sure most people here are feeling the same. Haven't chatted to or met any fellow duders so I'm going to try and make it to the get together and raise a drink to one awesome guy

This is pretty much where I'm at with all of this. I'll definitely try and make it to the Cure bar on Friday night. Thanks for lining it up @hellerphant. :D

Anyone else bringing a 3DS? If so are there any games worth bringing along for some multiplayer?

I'll have mine on me from streetpassin' all day at PAX, but I haven't played anything multiplayer since I got it a couple months ago.

All I have for it so far is Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem.

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Way too soon... RIP Ryan :(