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I miss Ryan's laugh and wit so damn much right now. Like so many others have written, I consider the GB crew to be good friends with whom i've never actually met in person.

Deepest condolences to Ryan's wife and family, friends and the entire GB Community. There is a massive Ryan Davis shaped hole left now in this video game industry that can never be filled.

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@Animasta said:

the archive will be too hot for TV

That sounds pretty hot.

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Burst vs. Big Bo. Tough...I say just get both.

What if they made a game where Big Bo could burst?

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Late in the cycle is always a great way to jump onto a new platform. I have done it myself with other platforms and it's always been worth it. The 360 is totally worth a pickup on one of these bundle sales. You will get at least a year's worth of use out of it and probably more if you aren't an early adopter for next gen systems. Another great reason is how cheap all of the older but still excellent games (exclusives included) are now.

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Ii'm with you. I was also dissapointed that I could not customize to the point of choosing country and male/female. I'm the kind of player that can spend hours customizing my army just right.

Other than that small thing though, loving this game.

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my first team will be named after the characters in Predator sense they have experiences in this field :-) after that everyone from Kelly's hero's if i need more names chances are im about to loose.:-(

You are awesome.


Love me some Sess.


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What's Michael Ironside up to these days?


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If you walk into this game as a third person Skyrim with community and player-driven gameplay, I'd imagine you'd walk away with a fucking excellent RPG with hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content to feast on.

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Because it's not generic?

GW2 rewards exploration and variety. It actually will penalize you for grinding by offering less loot and EXP. Just by that fact alone, it can't be a generic MMO. Because it's not.

These pretty much.

If you are at ALL interested in RPGs, you should give Guild Wars 2 a try.

It is a really well-made thing.

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@Castiel said:

Is it true that Canadians wears sunglasses at night?

This is absolutely true.

Also, every Canadian is working for the weekend... you know.. because they are taking care of business.