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Jim Sterling has the right idea. Fuck em'. I'll get the GOTY version on a Steam Sale. I was only sort of excited for this game anyway. Given that it's coming out in October, the same time as every other game this year, I don't feel bad leaving it behind.

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Happened to me during once particular section, and hasn't done it again since. Also on the PC version.

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@milkman said:

I actually think this one works remarkably well. Also, it's a total "Patrick" song.


I liked this one a lot too. LOST man, LOST.

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They're fucking monsters.

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@crithon: I'm doing that right now. I love when it finally updates, it's like you win.

You win a Bombcast.

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I'm just loading it up now, but the shooting sure looked way better in the QL. It had a satisfying sound and the machine gun really seemed to have a 'kick' to it that I never had with the Tommy Gun in the original Bioshock. My fingers are crossed because I found the mediocre combat in the original Bioshock to be a hard weak link to over look. Not sure if I'm going to play with the numbers flying off the enemies Borderlands style, seems to take away some of the immersion... but man does that scratch a certain itch. Maybe for my '1999 Mode' play through...

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In world gone stark raving MAD!

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He would hate me based on my name alone... Maybe. But whatever, TAKE MY MONEY!

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I just joined, the Gas Giants are now 6 members strong. HOORAH! My gamertag is Pyro2Z, I'm gonna be doing a lot of Armored Core V -ing in the future so send me a friend request and invites when my services are need. (Oh and thanks for the 15 achievement points for being at least level 10, I got it the second I joined.)