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Xbox 360

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This is awesome @d_mac, wish I could have tuned in...

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@lighthaze said:

@fobwashed said:
I miss Ryan Davis
I miss Ryan Davis

Listening to the podcast now, and it's goddamn tough =(

After listening to the guys for almost two years, I decided to subscribe yesterday.

Could someone please give me insight on the picture posted above?

RIP Ryan - still hard to believe.

I'm not sure of all of them but I recognize most of them, it's kind of a timeline of highlights in Ryans life, at least with respect to Giant Bomb. The far left he has blond hair, which you can see if you search out some of his gamespot videos. The sombrero is from a GOTY video a couple of years ago, in which he parodied the FMV shooting games. MODOK was one of his favourite characters. The police officer Ryan was from last years GOTY video, I believe, might have been the year before. The pikachu picture was a picture someone drew for him that he used for his twitter picture. Second from the right is wedding Ryan Davis, from all the pictures we have seen. The last one is the one I have trouble with, my interpretation is that its his podcast equipment, left empty, because there is no one that can fill those hilarious New Balances that he wears. Fobwashed could probably fill you in better though.

EDIT: Decided to elaborate...




Police Officer....



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Hey Ryan, always loved the stuff you had to say when it came to anything. You were incredibly entertaining. My condolences to your family, friends and mostly to your recent bride. I wish them all the best. Take care duder. We will miss you.

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Probably not microsoft, I saw a video on youtube of a guy that was cold called by them and kept them on the phone for quite a while. similar to this video...

Loading Video...

It's a scam, like a nigerian prince or a swedish banker...

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As a dad (and stepdad) who went from having no kids to having 3 kids (11, 7 and 7 months) in the span of a few years, I completely agree. At this point I have to schedule my adult gaming time (T and M rated titles) after they go to bed. But as others have said, playing games with the kids is a great time, patience is key, a round of battleblock theatre with two kids can end in joyful laughing or tearful screaming matches. I just push on and everyone forgets eventually.

I used to get about the same as you, 4-6 hours a day, I'm lucky if I get 4 hours a week now. Only consider trading it a couple times a year lol

And I agree the experience over the challenge, mostly because I don't have time to invest in beating said challenge, if I get to play for a couple hours one day, I don't want to be doing the same thing repeatedly and not beat it and then try and remember what I was trying to do a few days later.

If anyone figures out a better way let me know lol

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Any company that is anti-consumer wouldn't be a company for very long....

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I think everyone needs to consider the difference between a bit and a byte as well. Your internet company touts things in bits, you download things in bytes. Xbone (according to everything I have read) requires 1.5 MegaBITS per second (listed as Mbps, small B), which is about 192 kilobytes per second (listed as kBps, big B). If you download faster than 192 kBps, you are fine.

EDIT: corrected from 187 to 192, forgot about 1024

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Hey @the_laughing_man, amongst all the hate you are receiving I would just like to say I agree with you. I'm in the same boat, I always have internet, and I don't give a shit about daily check ins or used games. The last time I bought a used game was when I bought Star Wars Battlefront II to play on my xbox 360 lol.

I don't care about being spied on because I have nothing to hide, and all of these people assume they aren't already being spied on 24/7, because PRISM and the cameras in the UK don't exist (and those are just what you know about, get your tinfoil hats out ooooOOOOoooo). And really, all I do in front of my TV is watch TV, play games and sleep occasionally, things I'm sure Microsoft already knew based on services that run through their box.

I have a good job and 3 kids, when you drop $100 on soccer equipment for your 7 year old or $50 on a months worth of diapers for your 7 month old, $100 extra for a system you like is pretty inconsequential.

These people expecting you to defend a company or product are asking a bit much (and completely contrary to the people claiming shills) You defend your decision, which I think you stated eloquently in your blog post.

I preordered an Xbone, I've never liked Sony's controllers (mostly because they don't change what I hate, the gaming claw I have to create because I don't have tiny hands and the shoulder buttons have always been shit), I don't like their exclusive franchises, and I have never had any luck with any Sony product working for longer than 6 months before it dies and they find some way to deny my warranty claim.

In closing, carry on my friend, I'll see you on Xbox Live....