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FYI:1 Truck Load roughly equates to 2.5 Shit Tonnes.

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@jonnyboy: Let me throw a hypothetical at you let's say Phil really liked kicking puppies in his free time? Should we just ignore it because he made a great game, are you saying that as long as the art is great why should we care what kind of person making it?

Kicking puppies is a criminal and immoral act, Fish is a arse, but he's a law abiding arse.

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I'll be the first to admit Fish can be an arsehole, but people really have to separate the art from the artist, whatever you think of Fish, Fez showed he was passionate about what he does and he was good at it. You know who else is an arsehole? Axl Rose. But fuck if he wasn't one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

You know who's the real 'loser'? Us.

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I have no words. I really miss you brother.

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You don't 'fix' poor game design with microtransactions, you merely circumvent it.

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Chill out, Saint's Row 4 is coming.

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In a world where Tomb Raider and Hitman sell 3 million copies and are considered Under-performing by their publisher, then used games aren't the problem, marketing budgets are.

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I live in the UK, easily 40% of that press conference is not available in this country.

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If you live in city in the UK your front room is the size of a fucking hamster cage. But then even if it did work, all we had to look forward to was "I'M HAN SOLO! HAN SOLO", so no great loss I guess.

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We just want to make sure you're still you!