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Yo Blizzard, when you're the biggest dealer of the digital equivalent of crack cocaine, if a vocal minority gives you shit, tell to fuck off. They'll be back.

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The Luchazine is the epitome of this site. It's just one of many things that make the GB community unlike any other on the web. Long may it reign.

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@makari: Collecting stuff I have no problem with, skill games and minigames either, it's the arbitrary "Because that's the way it always been" nature surrounding the lives system that I object to. I collected a shit ton of stuff in Shadow complex, and had a fantastic time doing it. There were challenges to over come or walk away from.  A lives system would not have made that game better, just longer.
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Meanwhile in France....

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@marioncobretti said:
" And checkpoints just before cutscenes that are quite long follwed by a really tough section of the game. "
'Splosion Man, Thy wretched 'Hardcore Mode' vexes me with the fire of a thousand suns!
Yeah I fucking hate that too.
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Cool! now I'm definitely gonna go pick it u...........Awww who the Fuck am I kidding?

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@SuperfluousMoniker: Re-released classics I have no problem with, and I realise that games like shumps need a regulating system. But with modern technology in the home being what it is, there is no reason for games like Galaxy to have a lives system. Especially seeing as it already has a save system in place which means every time you see a Game Over screen you just go back to where you left off, but not before you go through the title screen, save game selection and load screen first.
Lives and continues were a product and a necessity of their time. That time was a over decade ago.
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Lives and Continues. The biggest problem with Japan it their "Well that's the way it's always been" attitude. Mario Galaxy (and most Nintendo titles) still have lives and continues. These are only applicable in arcades where they are used to squeeze every last penny out of players by essentially letting them buy lives when all they've been depleted. That's OK for Japan, but the rest of the world stopped giving a fuck about arcades when Clinton was still in office. What they don't seem to have come around to realising in the last 25 years is that on a home console version game, they had all of the money out of me they were going to get when I fucking bought it.

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X-men Origins: Wolverine is a good looking if poorly made game (it crashed everyday I played it). But God almighty that game is a lot of fun! Sticking claws into a guys throat stamping on his foot then popping his head off never gets old.

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$10 for Zombies, no thanks. $10 to unlock poker and characters in multiplayer. Nope. Oh and I have to wait for pack 3, and pay $10 (possibly $15) to get 'anti-griefing' measures for free roam. Thanks but no thanks.
Most of my friend list has 100% and moved on, or  traded it in. Trying to win back support with busted multiplayer is not the way to do it, 'The lost and the Damned' and 'Ballad of Gay Tony' approach is definitely the way to go.