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She's got some fucking wrinkly hands!

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" @jonnyboy said:
" @Metasin: I think the point I was trying to get at with Tomb Raider as an example is the trend of DLC being available at launch. How is this possible? If DLC has it's own development cycle, I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to think that in a lot of cases it was ready before the master discs went to print.  I don't think DLC is a bad thing across the board (jesus I've bought way more than I should have, GH&RB tracks mostly), I just think that developers have way too much freedom in determining what constitutes as an "Add-on" and maybe Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (to an extent) should worry less about exclusives and take a more active role in getting developers to justify what is on sale on their marketplaces. "
True, but in a lot of cases the core game is finished well before the game ships so it would make sense that after finishing the core product they would immediately start to work on dlc. Since it is a much smaller chunk and most of the assets are already there they can put it out pretty quickly. This is obviously abused in some cases but ultimately it still falls on us as the consumer to decide what is or isn't worth it. These days huge corporations like MS and Sony barely look out for their employees, we can't count on them to look out for their customers. "
That's true, but to be honest it wouldn't be that hard to them to implement some changes for example if a significant piece of DLC comes on the market place for sale and only comes in at a few hundred kilobytes memory then it's quite clearly already on the disc, Microsoft and Sony can automatically flag things like this no problem. That's my wish anyway, don't worry I'm not delusional, I'm fully aware that even if they did do this they wouldn' t have the back bone to stick it to EA or Capcom.
I'd also like to see demos or a trial period for some DLC (Paradise surf Island, Resident Evil 5 Multi player or fallout DLC) to see if it's worth buying, but lets face it, that'll never happen either.
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But....I am a Moron.

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Diversity proliferates human nature, Human nature defines us.

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Dude awesome! That fort is the raddest thing I've seen all day.

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Always on. Closed captions if possible, that way I can read when something's creeping up on me (Left 4 Dead especially).

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You were lucky to have cartridges! If I had any I smell them all damn day! I had an Amiga, technically superior  in every way except one, the fact that games came on low density, single sided 3 and a 1/2 inch floppy disks. King's Quest 6 came on Twelve of them! Twelve!!!!

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Tony's a pimp yo! Gotta make mad money son!

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@ptc said:
" @natetodamax said:
"I MADE.....A GAME......WITH ZOMBIES IN IT...... "

That song plays in my head on a continuous loop "
My wife has threatened to stab me if I sing that song anymore. I honestly can't tell if she's joking. Don't want to test it.
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@Bigandtasty said:
" @jonnyboy said:
" I'm guessing maybe a Gamestop manager looking for a big Christmas bonus? "
This site looks young and impressionable let's go talk to them! "
He really picked the wrong site then, fortunately for us we don't have the filters in place to stop us telling him to poke his Pre-order up his fucking arse. Should we want to say that of course.