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I want a PS3 soooooo badly. But I live in "Rip-off Britain" so I guess that's out.

Mind you I can't complain, most of the time my Wife and I play the 360 daily, on left 4 dead which is not on the PS3.

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Ouch. Guess that's how Dhalsim makes ends meet.

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Once played L4D with a guy called "OMGITSDANNYC" or something like that. Actually it still make me giggle, dunno why.

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That's cos Australians couldn't give a Castlemaine Four X for anything else!!!

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While I'd have preferred a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for example, I understand that licencing would have been a nightmare. I loved MvC2 so I'm sold. Also Monkey Island is a cert as well, I adore that game!

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I watch only one TV show, that show is Top Gear.

Also many, many, many, years ago I went to Belgium when I was 15. The legal drinking age (again for beer and lager) was 14. Plus you could buy beer from vending machines on the street. This type of thing can never happen in the UK. We can't be trusted, we don't have that kind of self control.

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@HandsomeDead said:
"@jonnyboy said:
" Moments like this makes me glad that my 'Monkey Fighting' licence fee goes to the 'Monday to Friday' BBC. "
Films aren't normally censored like this in the UK. We only ever seem to get cuts for violence."
Trust me I can live with that. A well positioned swear word can sometimes be the hinge pin to a great piece of comedic writing.

Oh and boobs are cool too.
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I really don't care for ads on the dashboard, but saying that, I know I'm not about to buy any of that shit anyway so not bothered.

Just so long as XBL is not free. I know it's really unlikely, but the decrease in the subscription fee dramatically increases the odds of you being called a "noob fag" by a squeaky voice.

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Moments like this makes me glad that my 'Monkey Fighting' licence fee goes to the 'Monday to Friday' BBC.

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Just remember, It's not gay if it's your own.