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@jonnyboy: I belive they have said that any account on the Xbox will be able to play the games you bought but the rented games is a whole other story.

Should have been clearer, sometimes we play together on mine, sometime we play together on their machine. They only get 2 hours a day on their machine, sometimes they don't want to play with their old man.

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I rent games so I can buy Xbox live Arcade and Xbox Indie Games and DLC. The disc games I do buy I play with my children, sometime they play them on their own account. It's kind of a big deal.

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Just did some quick sums and just on games alone and just in the last year and a half I've saved £2,440 by renting them through Lovefilm. Again, that's just in a year and a half, and just on games alone, not including DVDS or BluRays. And where did a lot of that money go? On XBL Arcade games, Indie games and DLC. I'm out. Rather than making £2,440 they've lost hundreds of pounds I was spending on XBLA and DLC. Guess it's time to start saving for PC parts.

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As a narrative piece, it's clearly highly subjective. My biggest problem with the game is in it's mechanics. Regardless of how you feel about the storytelling, it's a fairly clunky first person shooter that only gets clunkier the higher up the difficulty you go. Little things like your ammo levels being tied to your inventory and not your weapons, the fact that the vending machines don't sell weapons, the vigours are never full explained, demonstrated, or wielded by the enemy and most importantly on the higher difficulties, money is so scarce and also a commodity in itself. All these things combined mean that on the higher difficulties you cannot afford to experiment, turning the game from an possibly fun shooter to a very dull, repetitive slog.

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Origins? Just had to get the word Arkham in there I guess, because the inevitable marketing bulldozer won't hammer the connection to the previous games well enough.

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Regardless of what else the next XBox does, what it really needs to do is tidy up that market place. Trying to browse the latest DLC has been impossible while Rockband has been about. I can reel off tens if not hundreds of songs for that game, and I don't even own it.

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I cant abide Microtransactions in multiplayer whether they are boosters/unlocks or any other means of paid bonus. If I get beaten in a multiplayer match it should be that my opponent was BETTER than me, not because they have greater disposable income.

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Bring me back a bottle of JD. Thanks mate.

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I friggin love Hitman: Contracts. Sure why not?

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Now this is how you do a motherfucking poll. Motherfucker.