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To be honest any line from the world's most passive aggressive AI could take this. GlaDOS is such a fantastically angry sinister presence. My favourite line (in which they cleverly set up her motivations for the sequel) has to be the line where she reveals that when she was 'killed' she actually got stuck in a memory loop that has been replaying the last 2 minutes of her life (and subsequently her violent death) for the past several years, so naturally not only has this has sent her mad, she directs that at Chell. Someday I wish I could write a character half as good as this.

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@TheHT: Basic transcript of every L4D2 Expert Realism game: "There's a Hunter over there. Over there. By the.....OVER THERE! GODDAMNIT YES THAT ONE! GET IT OFF ME YOU IDIOT!"

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If you love Blade Runner like I love Blade Runner, do yourself a favour and buy the Fez soundtrack. It's pretty obvious it was heavily inspired by it.

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Bacon roll with brown sauce.

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A while back I was so infuriated that Dead Island had the nerve to put out a GOTY edition I actually looked up who the hell thought that of all the amazing games that we saw in 2011(Possibly the best year in gaming since '98) that fucking Dead Island sat above them. Turns out it was 'Nuts' and 'Zoo' magazine. If you live in the UK this all suddenly starts to make sense, of course they would.

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Most of the year my gym is pretty quiet, yesterday it was fucking packed.

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I honestly didn't think the GOTY featurettes could beat last years, but holy shit were these amazing! Top marks for the return of Hardcore Dave too.

Seriously congratulations GB Crew. This is the reason I subscribe, if I can fund the dumbest stuff you guys can come up with, that's money well spent.

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Anything with a gatefold. Might as well double up on the artwork.

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Half Life 3