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 While I'm watching my latest asian porn extravaganza, I'm really not worried about maximum resolution. 

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Arkedo series games on XBL Indie games. Especially Jump! and Pixel. They are great but I'm having trouble completing them. To be honest the only thing stopping them being fully fledged Xbox Live Arcade games is their length not quality.

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Benn to a bunch of awesome gigs but the two that really stood out were
1) Ozzy and Black Label at Wembley. Got my hearing back the next day.
2) Tool and Mastodon I think that was also at Wembley. Two bands at the top of their game, neither one bettering than the other. Mind blowing night.
Notable mention was Rage at Finsbury Park. The band were as good as they've ever been but is was the crowd that amazed me the most. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before, not like a regular crowd atmosphere, but more like a giant party. It felt really cool.

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Sitting at home, few glasses on JD over ice, trying to 100% Red Dead, Peace and quiet. Bliss. then all of a sudden Kelly Brook knocks and says she wants to beat the Hoola Hoop record on Wii fit. How inconsiderate. Can't she see I'm busy trying to stab this Bear? Fine, if you must, just let me find a save point.
Something like that.

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Resident evil. I've played all of them and I couldn't tell you how the fuck they manage to link all that shit together.

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Kinda hoping these two play again in the 2012 Euros. Like to see how they'd do a second time. Also I'd like England to do something, fucking anything. Well it's a nice dream.

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That may seem expensive to you but downs syndrome babies don't come cheap.

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Glad you're having a good time bro!

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I thought it was watchable but broke absolutely no new ground whatsoever.

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Nope everyone will be dead by then.