'PIXEL PARTNERS' The world's first video game character dating service!

Are you a single, lonely and slightly desperate individual looking for fun, adventure and health boosting? Then why not experience the excitement of PIXEL PARTNERS   the world's first dating service for single, lonely and slightly desperate video game characters! Just take a look at our vast database of singles, and who knows, maybe you'll find your dream date to go questing (or even score a few 1ups with). And with our impressive 53% success rate* we're sure you'll be waggling joysticks together in no time!  
Please note, all applications will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality**. 
*Partners mortailty rate not withstanding.
**We promise to only mock you amongst our staff, because we care.

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Posted by moodyem

PMSL Very cool idea...

Posted by kingkorn69

Dude I would go for Alma cause when we make the lube it would be almagedon! lol I rock

Posted by RagingLion

Awesome list.  Easily one the very best on GB.  Loved the Tim entry - really creative stuff all round.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Cool idea for a list! Darth Vader, Hitler and Alma are the funniest entries ... "I like snuggling up close beside a warm pyre of burning literature" :D