Top ten most peculiar heroes in video games.

We've seen it all haven't we? Space Marines, Mercenaries, Pirates, WW2 Soldiers, WW3 Soldiers, more Space Marines etc. But what about those times when you sit back, press the pause button and say to yourself "How the holy hell would this person, in this profession ever find themselves in this situation?" Those special times when you wonder what the look on the face of the needy will be when these guys, characters completely under-qualified for the task at hand, bursts through the door with nothing but a smile and the best of intentions.......

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awesome list.

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haha cool list

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Funny lst :) CHeck out my list of bad guys lol

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In Broken Sword 3 it is revealed that George Stobbart's occupation is... patent lawyer.

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I've seen this list featured on character pages several times but have only just read it.
Great list, definitely made me smirk.

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Thanks for taking the time to write those up.  I can't recall how many lists I've run across with awesome concepts that never followed through.  Good work.

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I enjoyed this list. Good stuff