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Amazing work. They have some impressive detail.

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@dinkmonger: Add me. I have no friends. Lol

PSN name is Quasarstorm

Level 29 Warlock

I also have Diablo 3 on PS4 if interested.

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@wigg: I have not raided yet, if you are still looking for people.

PSN name QuasarStorm

level 29 Warlock

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I just sent a pm to request into NA east 2. Please accept me. How active are the various clans now? I feel I have jumped on the Destiny bandwagon a bit late. Hope there are lots of Giantbombers still playing.

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They need to abandon the Wii name. It's the most ridiculous thing ever.

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This is going to make a metric shit ton of money. Good for Telltale and Mojang!

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lol. I think they messed up the subtitles at 3:30.

"A prototype ship I ain't never seen!"

I'm pretty sure he didn't say ship.

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Microsoft DRM bullshit aside, the one thing that has me switching from the XBox camp to the PS4 is the $100 price difference. I mean that is a huge price gap between the two consoles. All because Microsoft has invested so much into Kinect that they can't back out now, so they feel they have to include it with the new console. What gets me is they are charging $100 extra for a peripheral that the majority of gamers out there never actually wanted or gave a damn about. If they are so invested in Kinect, where are all the games that take advantage of it. I only saw a few Kinect enabled titles out of all the E3 game trailers that have been posted so far. I find it strange that MS is pushing this peripheral on people without having games for it at launch.

The only way Microsoft can recover from this is to offer a XBone SKU at the $399 price point that doesn't include the Kinect, and to loosen it's DRM policies. But maybe it's too late at this point. I'm still getting a PS4 no matter what now. You done fucked up Microsoft.

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This is horrible news. I hope the police caught the person who hit him. Rest in Peace Andrew.

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I'm not crazy about the boxy design or the name, but at least the specs seem decent.

I wonder if we still need to pay for XBox Live subscriptions for online functionality. I hope not because that's some hot bullshit.