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Who would do such a thing?

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Electrical Engineer working in the Nuclear Power industry.

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It seems to be working for me now. Thanks Andy.

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I'm having the same issue. Most pages only load half way. Most of the time I have no navigation pane on the left side of the site (ie. when going to Videos or Podcast sections). In a forum thread it will only load the first few posts sometimes with no "Post Reply" box at the bottom.  Only by refreshing over and over will it eventually load the full thread.
For me it was working fine up until about 4 hours ago.  I've used Firefox, Chrome, and IE all with the same issue so it is not a browser issue.

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I have the exact same problem here using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. The page only seems to load half way then stop.  Also there is no navigation pane on the left side when going to the Videos or Podcasts sections. I swear it was working fine just about an hour or two ago.

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*Sigh*. Another one of these "YOU'RE PLAYING IT WRONG! DO IT RIGHT!" posts.
Jeff said multiple times in podcasts and quicklooks that he just doesn't have room in his heart for a Sonic game anymore.  That's his personal opinion. Does that opinion make it's way into the quicklook? Sure it does and there is no reason it shouldn't. Personally I want to hear what a game reviewer's actual opinions are and the reasons behind those opinions. At least he gave the game a chance by doing the quick look in the first place.

I think Sega should just give up on Sonic and let him die. I don't think Sonic is relevant anymore in today's culture.  Let's be honest, the first three Sonic games weren't popular just based on game-play alone. It was the character that sucked kids in. Sonic was a product of the 90's. The character appealed to kids because he was edgy and had attitude. That made him "cool" which made kids want to play as him.  With all the other bad-ass game characters out there today does Sonic even have a chance?  
Also, with all the game-play innovation that has occurred over the past 15 years does the old formula still hold up? For some people it does for nostalgic reasons but I don't consider it to be fun for any more than a few minutes at a time. But that's just my personal opinion.

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I won't miss Game Room but I will miss the Game Room Quicklooks. It's funny as hell to hear Jeff get frustrated with all the stinkers they've been releasing lately.

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Coffee for me. Energy drinks cause cancer.

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I think the weekly Whiskey Media Happy Hour is pretty great and worth the price of admission.

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Oh God! I can not get hooked on this game again for I fear I will not play any other game for the next two years. 
Damn you Blizzard! *shakes fist in air*