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Daft Punk - Steam Machine x Around the World mix
When they transition into Around the World I get goosebumps every time.
(I can't embed videos for some reason otherwise I would have.)

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$300 is way too pricey for a handheld. I think I will be waiting for a price drop before getting one of these.

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Good to know. I've been searching for info on the Happy Hour on the site but couldn't find any official post. Do we watch it at  ?

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Why are we paying this much for a service that still shoves a bunch of ads in our faces?

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I was considering buying a card when my subscription runs out in September however this move by Microsoft is really making me reconsider. A gold membership is just not worth the money for me when I can play PC games online for FREE. I think this may be the move that makes me drop my Gold subscription for good. Thank you Microsoft for making me realize that your service is way overpriced and I don't need it.
 For those of you who do need it, whatever you do, don't pay full price to Microsoft. I just did some looking on eBay and found a 12 month card for $41 Canadian with free shipping. Just do some shopping around.

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Going for the "Big Brother" and "Friend of the State" quests hmmmm?

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This pic is the most epic thing ever. I would play BatmanBatmanBatman... or go see it if it was a movie.

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@mnzy said:
" For me it's this weeks quest. I don't want to spam stuff to random people. "
You don't have to spam random people. If you go into the forums and look at the threads you will find a list of people who actually want to receive wall spam to complete the quest. Then just spam those people and they usually return the favor.
I found this quest set was really fun because you can get some crazy posts on your wall and it kind of makes me feel more like a part of the GB community. I know that sounds strange but when you start sending wall messages back and forth with random people and get to see their profile pages you realize how many different and awesome personalities are here in the GB community.
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StarCraft 2

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Cougars are much more stealthy and fast than bears. They will kill your horse and disappear from sight before you even know what happened. Definitely cougars are worse.