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Silicon Knights is not long for this world. It was kind of a flimsy lawsuit in the first place so I'm not really surprised, but I'd still like to see some detailed information why the jury ruled in favor of Epic.

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@Excast said:

I think the gaming industry is overestimating the number of people with great internet connections.

You hit the nail on the head. It would be foolish for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo to risk loosing the potential customer base that only buy disk based games and never connect their system to the internet. There are still a lot of those people out there.

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$460 over 2 years for a 7-year old console (9-year old by the time the contract is up) does not sound like a good deal to me.

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Here in New Brunswick, Canada which is on the east coast gas sells for $1.32 / Litre which equates to about $5 / Gallon. Gas prices here are regulated by the provincial government and maximum price limits are set every week based on the price of oil and other market factors. So far we have seen 10 price increases since Christmas and only 2 decreases. I really hope it starts dropping of soon because the price of gas is getting ridiculous considering I have two cars and each one needs a fill-up weekly.

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Wow. This is so strange that Gamespot will effectively own two separate video game websites. I know that the creative content of Giant Bomb will supposedly not be influenced by Gamespot but I still find it very strange that there will be two separate sites owned by Gamespot which are both reviewing games and most likely be posting different scores for the same games. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely hope that Giantbomb remains as great as it has always been, but I'm just curious what Gamespot's long term motives are for acquiring Giantbomb.

I am glad that Jeff can finally tell the story of what actually happened with his dismissal from Gamespot. Now we can all put it to rest and the speculation can end.

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I'd really like to join the club. My gamer tag is AZombieAteMyDog

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Zesty Cheese is by far my favorite.

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I'd get a cock and balls tattooed on my cock and balls.

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If you're asking what words tick me off, then I'd have to say anyone who uses "Bro" or "Brah" in their sentences is dead to me. Also, when anyone says "OMG" out loud I want to kick them in the face.

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I'm so excited for a new adventure game coming from the labyrinthine mind of Shafer.