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I think you're putting too much emphasis on achievements, to the point that it's taking away from your enjoyment of the game. What's more important? Your gamer-score or thoroughly enjoying a good video game from beginning to end.

I am of the opinion that, in some cases, achievements are hurting video games because developers put in some excruciatingly difficult achievements that people such as yourself will chase to the ends of the earth. Achievements were made to be a fun little extra you get for doing special things in games. As soon as they become a job and make you hate the game you are playing, they are not worth getting.

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Thanks. This will come in pretty handy. Is there any limit to how many items can be stored in a chest/container? I know I have a crap ton of items in my Breezehome chest and I just keep throwing more and more in there without hitting a cap.

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Hey Nintendo, you know what could have avoided all this mess? QA testing done by people who are not asleep.

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Why would you ruin perfectly good spaghetti by slathering it with ketchup? Would you put ketchup on a steak? Fuck no.

Ketchup is for hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries.

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I hope I can still complete this set even though I started Day 12 today on Dec 15th.

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That's a pretty shitty policy that Microsoft has. I'm not too up in arms about it though. $1 is almost free anyway.

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Microsoft is just another shitty corporation that doesn't care about it's end users. It's time we all say "Fuck You Microsoft" and move to PC gaming. Oh wait, I still need to pay Microsoft for Windows. Dammit!

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I think it's horribly sexist to think that just because a woman is attractive means she can't be effective at a certain profession, video game related or not.

Also, that comic was deplorable, and it's equally deplorable that you even linked to it.

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Welcome to Giant Bomb. You're going to love it here!

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Alternating Current

It also makes me think Air Conditioning however that is usually abbreviated A/C.