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I hope I can still complete this set even though I started Day 12 today on Dec 15th.

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That's a pretty shitty policy that Microsoft has. I'm not too up in arms about it though. $1 is almost free anyway.

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Microsoft is just another shitty corporation that doesn't care about it's end users. It's time we all say "Fuck You Microsoft" and move to PC gaming. Oh wait, I still need to pay Microsoft for Windows. Dammit!

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I think it's horribly sexist to think that just because a woman is attractive means she can't be effective at a certain profession, video game related or not.

Also, that comic was deplorable, and it's equally deplorable that you even linked to it.

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Welcome to Giant Bomb. You're going to love it here!

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Alternating Current

It also makes me think Air Conditioning however that is usually abbreviated A/C.

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Why has no one jumped on yet? I want to see a Green Lantern Spyro, Russian Martian Spryro, and a Regular-ass Spyro. I'd do it myself but I don't have the artistic ability to create such a thing.

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@reelife said:

I wouldn't say that dragons wont attack bug was rare =/ (PC)

Yeah this happened to me quite a bit already and I'm only about 20 hours in. I'm glad they are patching this.

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@JoeyRavn: Dude, it's a video game. Fictional. Thane can mean anything the developer wants it to in the game's fiction.

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195. If you get into a brawl with someone for money, make sure not to punch the guy again after the fight has concluded. Especially when there are 5 or 6 city guards in the area.